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Apples of Gold Ministries(AGMinistries.org) is a women's devotion site designed to 'Bring encouraging words to a discouraging world.' AGM is open to receiving submissions from Christian women writers.

Our most treasured and valued relationship is with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. When we have our relationship with Him in it's proper place, then all our other relationships can be blessed by Him. The Bible says that there is none righteous, no not one. Praise the Lord for His saving grace. He freely gives us His grace, knowing full well that we are not perfect. Our relationships will never be perfect, but as we are encouraging women in today's culture we will see His love and mercy abound as we live in His grace.

We seek to encourage you in your relationship with our Lord Jesus and have fellowship with our readers.

We believe in:

-God: God the Father, God the Son; Jesus Christ, and God; the Holy Spirit.

-Salvation: by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, not by works.

-The Living Word: is Jesus Christ himself and His Word is written upon the tables of the heart. Jesus Christ is our Great Shepherd. We have equal access to beseech the throne of God without having a human man, woman, or deceased human as a mediator. Jesus Christ is our Mediator.

-The Holy Spirit: is the Spirit of God sent to indwell the believer and empower them to walk in Christ. He is our Teacher and Comforter. He intercedes, daily, on our behalf.

-The Gifts of the Holy Spirit: are given for the believer as he/she walks in Christ, according to His divine assignment in their lives.

-The True Church of Jesus Christ: is a spiritual house of living stones, prominently called The Body of Christ. Worship facilities used for corporate worship are just that, buildings.

-The Head of The Body/Church: is Jesus Christ our Lord. Man does not have authority over God's people, nor should he seek to usurp authority over Christ nor attempt to be equal to Him, in the lives of The Bride.

-The Body, known as The Bride of Christ: consists of those believers who trust in Christ alone as the Saviour and Promised Messiah. These members are joined to the Church by trusting in Christ, not by joining a membership of a local religious organization.

-The Fruits of the Spirit: are natural occurrences that manifest in the life of the believer. They can not simply be copied and added to our lives by our own human effort.

We are honored to serve our God in this ministry. The Lord has been gracious in allowing us to have a mother-daughter online publication at 'Growing in Grace Magazine'.

Please keep us in your prayers as serve in this ministry for our Lord.

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