I'm Jo!!

I was reading Fiddledeedee's site earlier this week, well actually I read it everyday. ;O) I enjoy her blog and it brings humor to my day as I realize I'm not the only mom who faces such adventures with children.

I read her post about the new Bible Study Book she got from Lisa. Well, tonight my husband took me to the Christian Book Store and they had ONE copy left and YEP I snagged it! I can't wait to dig deep into this book.

What I liked, as I was thumbing through it, was the "Tools for Digging" she has.

While I'm talking about Lisa, I just want to add that my cousin and I would watch ,a "The Facts of Life" ALL THE TIME together. Do you remember growing up and saying, "I'm Blair", or "I'm Tootie"? Well, *I* always said, "I'm Jo!". My Cousin always wanted to be the gorgeous, sophisticated Blair and I was much too much of a rebel to be Blair. Well, now I'm 35 years old and would like to be just like Lisa Whelchel.

I also ordered her book, "So, You're Thinking About Homeschooling." I look forward to getting that one as well.

I hope you'll pick up one of her books. :O)

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