New Beginnings

Last year, at the third quarter, we brought our three children home to homeschool. We finished up our year without any stress and with much anticipation for the fall of 2007.

We were so relieved to have 100% support from our families as well as many of our friends. For those who don't have a good support system my I introduce you to the Home School Message Board Community at

If I were to list all the reasons why we chose to homeschool, this would be a very long blog entry. (You can find my messages at the Homeschooling board by the name of Sisterlisa.) Our utmost reason to homeschool is by the leading of the Lord. We knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God wanted us to make this decision. To homeschool our children is not the most popular decision, as we come from a very strong church with a Christian School Ministry and it is very much encouraged by the majority of the members to use their school. We have had our children in this school for 10 years. Our first child began kindergarten in the Christian School at the age of 5, as did our other two girls. Our son is the only one who will not have that experience of being in a seven hour a day school. This year marks his very first year of school and as a kindergartner he will have the opportunity for his mother to be the one to teach him to read.

I have no regrets about the children being in the school for as long as they did as it was a tremendous learning experience for us all. We had some difficult situations, but we learned from each one of them. We never allowed our experiences to be stumbling blocks, we just did all we could to use them as stepping stones to find a higher plane. We have not reached any major plateaus of course, as we are not prefect by any means, however we feel that we have come to a place where we can rest and know that we made the decision God wanted us to make.

One beautiful thing about homeschooling is the flexible schedule we can afford to have. Last year we almost lost Poppop.(This is my husbands stepdad) He had some health issues that almost took his life and praise the Lord for answered prayers, he is doing MUCH better. Poppop and Non(husbands mom) are retired and live an exciting life on the road in their motorhome. They are visiting us for three weeks and this is the first time ever that we have not had to worry about the school schedule interrupting our family time. We are enjoying our time with them and we are holding off on officially starting school until they leave. Our family is so important to us and after almost losing Poppop we value our time with them even more!

So, today we woke up with a relaxed atmosphere of preparing their rooms for 'school'. They have cleaned out their desks and organized all their books. Our little Nosey (age 8) is the only one without a work area, as she pointed out to us today. "Mommy, the girls and Wormy(my son)all have work areas and I don't. Can I please get a desk of some kind?" How very sweet. She wants to get started right away and wants her own desk. I am imagining a small vintage schoolroom desk with the desktop that raises up. So we're on a hunt for one of those and prayerfully we'll find one at a vintage shop.

I can say without a doubt that I have gotten so much encouragement from the message board communities at as well as from other homeschool bloggers. So keep posting and keep blogging ladies. You have no idea how many women are out there that depend upon their daily reads.

(Raising my pink coffee cup) So here's to New Beginnings! And please reply and let me know if you'll be joining me for coffee as you begin your days.

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{ Gretchen } at: September 1, 2007 at 8:35 AM said...

Lisa, I will be homeschooling my son (6th grade) for the first time this year. I am a reluctant-home-schooler-saved-by-God's-grace. :) Never did I think I would do this, let alone feel at peace with it. I have him set up with a resource network in a very good public school district. He'll have some classes, and I'll supplement with the help of a weekly visit with a consulting teacher. I was thrilled to know that his consulting teacher is a man who loves the Lord. He also loves history--my son's passion. usual, God is good, and when I get out of the way, I can lay down my anxiety and realize why I was at peace with this decision to begin with.

Blessings to you and yours, and thank you for your encouraging blog.

BTW, I hopped over to denim and lace, and all I can say is I wish you lived in the Seattle area!!!! Fabulous!

{ Lisa } at: September 1, 2007 at 2:54 PM said...

Thank you Gretchen! I never thought I'd EVER HS, but God led us for sure! We'll never go back to 'school'. And thank you for visiting Denim and Lace. :O)

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