Book of the Week 9.10.07

This book is one I highly recommend for any parent, no matter what the age of your child is. It's called, 'Hook, Line and Sinker' by Cary Schmidt.

I've personally heard this man speak several times, and each and every time I'm inspired to be a better parent and to pray for more wisdom in raising my children. He has served as a youth pastor and in the music ministry for many years and has a passion for reaching families for Christ.

There are many things I like about this book, one being that there is a student companion book that you can purchase with it to lead your child in the study together. The companion book is geared for teens, but can be incorporated into any family devotion time for younger children. You can also purchase a devotion pack with the Book, Teacher's manual, and the student edition, which is great for groups such as Sunday School or youth ministry.

I do not want anyone to think this is just an advertisement, the author doesn't know I'm recommending this, and I am in no way receiving any money for this entry. I just wholeheartedly believe in this book and the benefits it can add to your families.

In this study you'll learn:

-How Satan attacks every family
-The four ways teens are lured astray
-How to put a fragmented family back together
-The biblical purpose of authority
-The causes and biblical cures for rebellion
-The most powerful cultural influence on teens
-How to establish biblical friendships
-How to rescue your teenager from destruction
-How to understand and grow close to parents
-Dozens of other biblical princples

I do hope you'll consider this as a valuable resource for your family. Should you decide to read this book, please come back and let me know how it has blessed your family. I know it will bring wisdom to you as a parent.

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