Having No One To Go To

Sunday morning I got to have some extra time with my oldest daughter. She has been dealing some issues with her friends for some time now and I was able to get in some valuable mom and daughter time.

I shared with her how God had been working in my heart about friendships and she said that her morning devotion was on the same subject. We talked about keeping our ears open to the Lord during service and that we should be able to leave each service knowing God has met with us individually.

I challenged her and asked her to pray about 'hearing' God during either Sunday School or the main hour. I went to my class and my pastor was speaking about the friend that you can go to at midnight.

Luke 11:5, "And he said unto them, Which of you shall have a friend, and shall go unto him at midnight, and say unto him, Friend, lend me three loaves;"

You see this man had a friend come to his door at midnight and he had nothing to give him. Can you imagine a friend coming to your home at midnight, asking for food or money and you have none to spare. So, who would you call? Who 'could' you call? Is there someone you could call and ask for food or money, then ask him to bring it to YOU, and then let him know it's not for you, it's for a friend?

Luke 11:6"For a friend of mine in his journey is come to me, and I have nothing to set before him?"

I sat in my seat and wondered who I could call. Who could I call at midnight and ask for money, but not for me, for another, and ask them to bring it to *my* house at midnight? My mind was blank. Then I asked the Lord if *I* was a friend someone could call if THEY needed money or food. He encouraged me with a positive YES. There have been many times that both my husband and I opened our door at midnight, and even later than that, for a friend down on their luck. We've also gone to be by a friend's side in the middle of the night. We open our home to a few homeless individuals each Thanksgiving and Christmas. (of course we go through an agency and know the homeless, since we work with them to help them get their lives back together.) We pick them up, after we wake up, bring them home and they enjoy the holidays ith our family.

But again I wondered who I could call if I needed help at midnight. This message was all I could think about throughout the next hour and at the end of the service I prayed again, "Lord I don't have a friend I could call. I only have you." To which He replied, "That's exactly where I want you."

You see, a few months ago, He was already working in my heart in this matter. My son had done something cute(only now I can't remember what it was) and I wanted to tell my friends. I called my two best friends and neither one of them was home. It was then that I heard the Lord whisper in my heart, "I want to hear about it." A big grin came over my face as I said, "Ok Lord, even though you saw it happen..." and I proceeded to brag about my son's cuteness to the Lord. It was a sweet tender moment.

Again, He assures me that He wants me to go to Him, and that He has made my friends busy during times He wanted my attention. Has there ever been a time you really needed your dearest friend and she wasn't around? Maybe she was gone or her cell phone was turned off. Next time take time to think about the Lord. Maybe He is trying to get you to come to Him, but not just during a difficult moment, although He likes that too, but even when it's just during a time that one of your children made you giggle. I challenge you to take that time and say, "Dear Lord, I know you saw that, but let me tell you about it in my own words..." And continue on in that sweet moment and know the presence of the Lord in a tender, intimate, detailed way.

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Anonymous at: September 20, 2007 at 1:56 PM said...

What a sweet touch from God this was for me. Thank you Sis !Just what I needed to hear today .

{ Sisterlisa } at: September 20, 2007 at 2:26 PM said...

I'm glad to know you were touched. God is good, all the time. :O)

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