Hurting Women

This weekend I received my Certification to Counsel women with drug and alcohol dependency. This week I will submit my application to visit women incarcerated in our local jail and just this afternoon, we had a situation occur.

My husband and I needed to run just a quick errand to The Well Ministry, when I witnessed a situation between a few individuals just across the street. I was frightened when I saw a woman, "A", I've been trying to help, right in the middle of this scenario. I called over to her immediately to cross the street and come to me. She had her baby in her arms and a man was behaving violently. I cannot go into detail at this time, as court hearings are pending in this case, but the woman's mother was taken into custody and her outlook is very bleak.

Please pray as I await approval for my pass into the women's facility. I am praying for the opportunity to speak to this woman before they send her to her next destination. She is not a saved woman and we are praying for that, above everything else. Please pray for "R".

We were able to borrow a car seat from a friend and we took "A" home with us for dinner. We sat down and had a long talk with her about her involvement and admonished her to get into counseling with her Pastor and become involved in a discipleship course right away. We believe that this situation took place for many reasons and are prayerful that I can come back and share what the Lord is doing in the lives of these two women. So please pray for this mother, "R" and daughter, "A".

It's just amazing what can come out of a terrible situation. The building in which this took place is right across the street and we have begun praying for the Lord to allow us to take over the building and use it for the Lord's glory and not a feasting table for the enemy. Please keep us in your prayers and I'll update as soon as possible.

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