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This week was quite the busy one, and it seems as though it's still in full momentum. The director's of our Women's Recovery home finally got to make their final move in this weekend and our open house is November 10th. We have an outreach on November 6th, where I'll be speaking. There are four women who are ready and waiting to come in for their 12 month program. Please keep us in your prayers.

Our church had it's annual 'Old Fashioned Sunday' service and many of us dressed old fashioned today. It was a great time! I have more to tell about this, but I want to wait until I have the photos ready to share with you.

Saturday night, my husband and I had the opportunity to have coffee with another homeschooling family(of 7 children) and they were SUCH a blessing to us! We sat at Barnes and Noble until the employee had to come and interrupt our conversation and inform us that the store had closed and they wanted to go home. We continued our conversation outside for another hour and a half! During that time a homeless man approached us and asked for help.

My husband stepped aside to talk to him and offered to buy him some food from the store just about 100 feet from us. While he was gone I got to explain to him about The Men's Recovery Mission we help lead and explained how much God loved him and wants to give him a new life.

This man began to cry and asked this question, "You mean I can get my life back?" We asked him to come to the office on Monday morning. His name is Douglas and we ask that you please pray for him. It was apparent that he was intoxicated and although I shared the gospel with him, it was evident that he may not have remembered it when he woke up. We'd much rather someone be sober and understand the decision that would be making. Prayerfully he'll be at the mission in the morning.

The couple we were with were deeply touched by what they saw last night. They asked if they could volunteer to help feed the homeless with us. Each month our mission volunteers two dinners a week at a local homeless shelter that is state run. While we're there we have the chance to tell them about the mission and that they could come in for a year for free and receive vocational training and discipleship in God's Word.

How wonderful that our evening ended up drawing in more laborers for the harvest. You see, it is much harder to lead a wealthy person to the Lord, than a person who is at the bottom of their barrell. We feel that this is where God wants us to serve Him and we are so incredibly honored to be a part of reaching out to these folks.

Do you have a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter where you could reach someone in need?
Have you ever volunteered there?

Keep in mind that ministries such as these need volunteers all year round. Many give their time during the holidays, but the need is great all year long. Give them a call and see when your family can be a blessing to them. I feel that serving God in this manner has made my children the compassionate little people that they are today.

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