The Magic Word

Today, as we were enjoying the scrumptious samples at Costco, my eight year old daughter, Gina, learned a few things. If you are familiar with Costco, you'll know that Saturday is sample day and their crowds can be overwhelming. Our entire family went together and just walking down one aisle can cause anyone to step aside. Six people walking together can be a bit crowding.

I reminded the children that we walk in front of the cart or behind it, but not next to it. Otherwise, other people would not be able to get by. A shopping trip to the store with a family with four children is quite the training lesson. Walk slow, be calm, don't rush.

No matter what store we go to, my husband and I end up seeing someone we know. It's then that the test begins. Will the children stand still and be patient? Will they stand quietly and not interrupt? I pray for God to PLEASE help my children not to squabble while we're talking to other adults.

Then we see those fantastic sample tables! Each one of my children want to rush in and hold out their hands, not realizing that some of these treats are hot out of the convection ovens. The demo ladies are always so sweet and I love that they ask for the parent BEFORE the child is allowed to take anything.

Although at most tables we'll say yes to our children, we still require them to ask politely, use the magic word(please), and say thank you. In addition to this, I am trying to train them to have a spirit of yielding. The Bible says that we should prefer one another.

Romans 12:10, "Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another; "

As we approached each table I could clearly see that Gina needed the lesson more than the rest today. I instructed her that she would wait until I said she could have a sample. I asked her to allow everyone in our family to go first. When we arrived at the cookie table, the demo lady reminded us that these cookies were very hot and the chocolate chips could burn their lips if they didn't wait for them to cool.

Behind Gina was a mother with two girls. Each one of my family members took turns receiving a cookie from the tray on the table. Just as it was Gina's turn I asked her to allow the girl behind her to go first. Gina turned and reached out her hand to allow the girl access to the table. Gina smiled, and the girl said, "Thank you." The demo lady and the mother could clearly see that this was a training lesson. Once the girl stepped back, everyone waited and watched me and Gina. I looked at Gina and her arms were to her side and she stood patiently and calm. Then I told her she could have one. She reached to the table and gave her thanks to the woman at the table.

The woman complimented me on teaching my children manners and patience. The other mother complimented also on Gina's self discipline. When I got home I went to see what Val had to say today and found that she was writing about child training. How perfect is that?!? So please go see my friend Val! She has a terrific post about discipline and I'd like to have you surf on over for more information about teaching and training children. "10 Elements of Child Training"

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{ Amy Grant Bayliss } at: October 22, 2007 at 12:15 PM said...

I can relate. Fortunately my husband keeps the boys most of the time or he will tag along with me. All in all three boys in a grocery store is just bad news. My boys are just rough and clumbsy. I do pray that God makes them more graceful! ;o)

{ Sisterlisa } at: October 24, 2007 at 10:29 PM said...

Thanks for coming by Christina and Amy!

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