Devotions: By Definition

Sometimes as I'm preparing my heart for a devotion I ask myself a series of questions without answering them. This morning I had a great discussion with my daughter, Jessi, and I asked her a series of questions without answering them for her.

I want her to spend some time alone with the Lord and seek His counsel and wisdom for her answers. I know I can sit her down and just teach her God's principals about our topic, however I want to guide her into searching the Lord on her own. I won't always be available for her to talk to and one day I may not be here anymore. As she is seeking the Lord on the topic I gave her, I thought it would be a good study if I shared with you a devotion you can search on your own in regards to having devotions. I am amazed at how many people don't have their own personal devotions.

Later this week I'll share some tips on how God gives me the devotions He places on my heart, but let's begin with this.

Ardent, often selfless affection and dedication, as to a person or principle. (in our case, it's the Lord)
Religious ardor or zeal; piety.
An act of religious observance or prayer, especially when private. Often used in the plural.
devotions Prayers or religious texts: a book of devotions.
The act of devoting or the state of being devoted

Feeling or displaying strong affection or attachment; ardent: a devoted friend.
Having been consecrated; dedicated.

Enthusiastic devotion to a cause, ideal, or goal and tireless diligence in its furtherance.
Wholly committed to a particular course of thought or action; devoted:
So to me, I feel the need to take time out of my day to 'dedicate' myself to be 'devoted' to the Lord with 'Zeal'
Dedicated is wholly committed. Am I wholly committed to the Lord every day?
1.Do I brush my teeth with dedication or watch a certain TV show with dedication?
2.Do I ever miss an episode of my favorite show?
3.Do I miss any of my kids ball games or recitals?
4.Am I truly dedicated to the Lord?

Devoted is strong affection. Am I showing strong affection to the Lord every day?
1.Do I have strong affection for my husband?
2.Do I show strong affection to my children each day?
3. How often do I show affection to my pets?
4. Do I show devotion(affection) to the Lord and how often?

Zeal is with enthusiasm with tireless diligence in it's furtherance. Am I enthusiastic in being diligent to further my relationship to Him?
1. Am I enthusiastic when I know I'm going on vacation(Disneyland, the coast, a lake)?
2. Do I show enthusiasm when I get a gift from a friend?
3. Would I be enthusiastic if I won a million dollars?
4. How enthusiastic am I for the Lord? How enthusiastic should I be?
Personal Reflection:
Am I showing more devotion for my favorite shows than to the Lord?
If I am, what does that mean I'm doing?

When I 'feed' myself with God's Word, am I really just dropping some fish flakes into the bowl every other day?
Am I feeding myself with a full course steak dinner?
Is my ethusiasm for my relationship with the Lord shown to others around me?
When I am given a special gift, do I share my good news with others?
Am I showing more excitement for a ball game or whether or not 24 will be airing this season?

We make time for our tv shows, Dr. appt.'s, and grocery shopping, but do we schedule our time with the Lord?

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{ A Place For Ministry Wives } at: November 27, 2007 at 9:49 PM said...

"Am I showing more devotion for my favorite shows than to the Lord?"

In my life...I would have to re-word this question to say...

"Am I showing more devotion for the blogging world than to the Lord?"

I have to watch and be sensitive to the time I spend on my own blog and others blogs. This is so "HUGE" in my life right now.

Try chewing on that one for awhile. :-)

Satan uses so many interesting and "good" things to draw us away from God.

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