Who are you and what have you done with my child?!?

Have you ever thought that? Where oh where has my sweet little child gone? What in the WORLD is going on in your head? Why are you looking at me like that? Do you really hate me? Dear God, help me with my child!

There are days when I want to beat my head against a wall trying to understand my children as they are growing into their teen years. I have a fifteen year old and a twelve year old (who thinks she’s twenty-five by the way). Each and every day I am shocked by things they say or do. I don’t think I have ‘bad’ kids mind you, but sometimes I wonder what’s going on in their heads.

Two years ago I read a book about the teen world and was shown what our teens and tweens really face every day. The saddest part is that even my eight year old was dealing with MANY of the same day to day situations in elementary school. What has our world come to? Why are our children facing such incredible complications in life these days? Do you know what burdens me even more than this? My children were facing these trials in a private Christian school! Don’t get me wrong, the school we had our children in had incredibly caring teachers, and over all the children there are far better off than most kids in our community, HOWEVER, my children were being forced to contend with pressures they should NOT have to face.

So, how do we understand our children? What do they REALLY mean when they shout and stomp at us? This month I read ‘For Parents Only’ by Shaunti Feldhahn and Lisa A. Rice and it reminded me of the other book I read, only it was easier to read and fit right into my purse. Shaunti and Lisa did a great job of composing this parental resource for understanding teens/tweens. Earlier this month I gave away two copies.

These women compiled every question I could think of into this great little, easy to read, book. Not only that, but they gave clear descriptions and insightful remedies to discussing difficult topics with our children. Their Christian approach to teen world is helpful and informative. I feel as though I have been given wise tools to use in pursuing conversations with my family that will help open our relationships to a new level.

I also feel that this book is helpful for anyone to read, not just a parent. I see many adults who behave in similar ways and I believe this book will benefit anyone who deals with people in everyday life situations, whether you’re an employer, parent, or youth worker in your community. Our culture is an ever expanding and growing melting pot of difficulties and we need to equip ourselves with the necessary tools to raise our children to be responsible human beings.

I personally believe that the Bible is the best source of wisdom we can use today, but having ‘For Parents Only’ is a great additional suppliment to what we need in order to understand what our kids are facing in their teen/tween culture.

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{ A Place For Ministry Wives } at: November 27, 2007 at 9:44 PM said...

I am so not there yet...and I am fine with the age my child is at. :-) No rush.

But...I will pick these books up eventually so I can be prepared!

{ Angie } at: November 28, 2007 at 1:59 PM said...

I just got my book and have started feeding on it. Thank you SOOO much for sharing with me and going to the trouble of sending it. I really appreciate it!

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