Your Turn & A Blessing To Share

In recognition of Time Change Sunday, I'd like to hear from my readers! You have an extra hour of sleep, so when you come by Apples of Gold, please reply and let me know how you're doing.

You can share with myself and our other readers how your week is going, or what you did with that extra hour today. Also, if there is something you think is discouraging in this world that you feel needs to be addressed, just let me know. I'll take all those concerns to the Lord in prayer and ask for Him to lead me in writing some new devotions that will be helpful to you personally.

Now I have something spectacular to share with you! This morning I was able to go to the local county jail to interview a woman who desires to enter our 12 month, 12 step discipleship program. Our women's home officially opens a week from today(Saturday Nov. 10).

After the interview, as I was leaving, I saw a very young woman(19 years old) being released from being in the drunk tank all night. She was on her cell phone trying to find a ride back to the city and the Lord said, "Go back and offer her a ride." I did and she GLADLY accepted. I was able to share my testimony with her and she asked me what I 'did'. I explained that I am a Christian Alcohol and Drug Counselor. (I was facing the road of course, But I could almost 'feel' her rolling her eyes.) She listened attentively, giving feedback from time to time. I was glad that it wasn't a one way conversation. Thirty minutes later, as we arrived at her destination, she agreed that she wanted Jesus to be her Savior. I was honored to lead her in prayer as she trusted Christ as her Savior.

The young woman I interviewed just before that was thankful to have me come visit and I accepted her into the program. Now it's up to the judge to allow her to come into the custody of The Sarah Home for Women. Please pray for her. I will be in court with her on November 14th and we're praying the judge will allow her to 'come home'. (She also trusted Christ in the jail when a prison ministry came to visit.)

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{ A Place For Ministry Wives } at: November 4, 2007 at 2:47 AM said...

All of this is wonderful, Lisa. So exciting! It always is. :-)

Where I live, we don't change our clocks, so I gained no extra hour! Bummer!

Do you have a website for your women's home?

{ Sisterlisa } at: November 4, 2007 at 7:20 AM said...

Thank you, I'm actually working on updating the entire ministry site this week. The men's website, previously created by someone else, is currently up for viewing at Click on the graphic to get into the site.

When it's updated I'll post about it. :O) Thanks for asking!

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