101 Cups of Water: Book Review & Give Away

Over the last few weeks I had the opportunity to reaad 101 Cups of Water by C.D. Baker and have really enjoyed it. Each page is a mini devotion that brings a new perspective to the Christian life. I am accustomed to reading devotions written by women, so reading this book, authored by a man, has brought some fresh ideas to my mind in my walk with the Lord.

I have been reading this book at bed time and have shared many of the pages with my husband and it has been uplifting to him as well. I know you will enjoy this book as I have and it would make for a great coffee table book for your guests as well.

I have one copy to give away to one reader in the United States. If you would like this book, be sure to post about it on your blog and come reply to me with your link. I'll select a name at random by January 22nd.


Author: C.D. Baker
Summary: C.D. Baker dips into the flowing stream of God’s love and draws out relief, refreshment, mercy, hope and sustenance for a new generation of Christ-followers. Baker’s clean, simple prose is paired with evocative, black and white photographs that will etch each truth into the reader’s memory.

Author Bio: C.D. Baker founded and operated an award-winning insurance business before redirecting his career to write. His historical novel Crusade of Tears in The Journey of Souls series earned a Christy Award nomination. He’s completing a master’s degree in theological studies at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where he splits his time from home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. His website is http://www.cdbaker.com/.
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{ ReviewsbyHeidi } at: January 20, 2008 at 11:06 AM said...

I've been reading this same book and will be posting about it on my blog tomorrow (also with a giveaway). I've been enjoying it also.
My daughter Ashley is enjoying the Growing in Grace blog~ what a nice idea for girls. Thanks!

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