My Heart Aches for Change

This morning I began a treck acorss the blogosphere and found a few different blogs that have inspired my soul! I began at MamaArcher's post where she shared a treasure that she found at 'These Are the Generations Of..' and continued to read and follow links to various other places, only to find blogs I had once previously seen, but not been back to only for the sake of my lack of time. However, I believe God led me back today for a specific purpose.

I have been seeing ads for this one particular book and am now convinced that I MUST read it! The Lord called us to homeschool last March, it's been almost a year for our family. As we are approaching this first entire year of homeschooling, I am so utterly convinced that God is working a revival in my heart for the family. He has been working so graciously in my mind, heart, and soul. I have such a starving thirst for my family to be what God intended from the beginning of time. I am so far from that, yet I am striving towards it with all my might.

We have heard many preachers tell us that they believe we are in the end of the end times and I do believe that. I believe that God is trying to lead His people back to the family He has always wanted us to be.

My husband and I have been to many different types of churches over the years during our travels in our ministry. My husband presents our ministry to various churches for support of our men's home for recovering addicts. Our ministry is to reach these lost sinners and bring them back to the family of God through their recovery. As we have traveled to different churches of various denominations we are finding something so similar that many pastors won't want to know.

They have more in common that they want to admit.
We have seen so much division among 'churches' today. We see the general attitude of, "We are right and everyone else is wrong". This just breaks my heart!
I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt, that churches today are not perfect. Even among some of the most fundamental, old fashioned churches that I have been to, I see fault. The reason for this fault is that we live in an imperfect world with imperfect people. We all make mistakes.
Now that I've said that, and many would cringe that I did, I want to tell you that so many Christians are starving for one very important thing; The Family! I read blog after blog and what people are saying, is that they want their family to be the family God intends for them to have.
All these families go to different types of churches. These bloggers attend a variety of churches all over the world, yet they are desiring a change in the way America sees the family.
We all want souls to be saved and families to live for God. We all want our children to grow up to be compassionate adults who reach others for Christ. We want to have our daughters grow up to be wonderful wives and mothers. We want our sons to grow up to be leaders for ther families, their church, and their community.
Not everyone would like the church I attend, and I may not enjoy another church a friend of mine may attend, however as we desire to follow the Lord as he leads our families, we do what we can to reach others. I have found many wonderful preachers and writers around the blogosphere and have watched and listened to sermons by a variety of preachers and other wives through their ladies Bible Studies and women's conferences.
In my opinion, Christians need to STOP telling others that 'their' church is "THE" church to attend. I feel this bring so much division among fellow believers, and it should not be so. I may not agree with how a Pastor wants to conduct The Lord's Supper, or how they receive their offerings. Some may feel The Lord's Supper should be received more than once a year, and that the offering should be taken by an offering plate being passed through the pews. Some may feel that an offering box at the exit is best and some may feel that observing The Lord's Supper is best every quarter. Some may feel that hosting a large free carnival for the community is a great way to reach the lost of their town and some may feel a large Christmas choir is a great way to bring in people to receive the Love of God.
No matter what efforts a church makes to reach the lost world with the Gospel, it is of utmost importance. The world is nearing the end and our Lord will come back soon. We MUST reach others for Christ before we run out of time. BUT, how can we expect that our children will grow up to reach others for Christ? How can we keep our children's minds clean and unspotted from the world if we continually allow them to watch ungodly television and films, attend public schools that lack the very teaching of Christ, and listen to music that edifies the flesh?
We feel that the Lord brought us to homeschooling to help and guide and teach our children to respect the parent's authority and follow their parent's as they follow God. We now have the most efficient means to influencing them to be what God is leading them to become.
We do not feel that our children, Jess, Mj, Gina, and Timmy, are meant to grow up to become the nation's next scientific developer to compete with Japan or China. We do not feel that our children are meant to grow up to be the next president of Apple Computers. We do not feel that our children are to grow up to be in competition for our government to use to advance their technology against another country.
For our family personally, we feel that God wants us to raise our daughters to be godly wives and mothers. We feel that God wants us to raise our son to be a godly man who will lead his wife and children in the direction that He is meant to be in. My husband is a recovery pastor for addicts. Our son may grow up to be a missionary to a foreign country, a pastor of a church, or a music director in a Christian ministry. In whatever area God leads him, he will lead his wife and children. In whatever way God leads my future sons-in-law, God will use my daughters to follow their husbands and be examples to their children. I feel it is my responsibilty to raise my children to follow their dad and to follow the Lord. It may be that all our children grow up to be involved in a recovery mission as well, but no matter where God leads them, it is our responsibilty to prepeare them.
Each husband and wife is responsible for preparing their children for God's future for their lives. God gives parents the wisdom and discernment to lead their children and mold their minds and guide their hearts to follow the Lord.
We all do so from different parts of the world, different churches, and from different cultures. It doesn't matter where we are, we are to follow God's command. As a wife I find it very clear in Titus chapter 2, what I am supposed to do for my family. My husband and I have a church in our town that we feel is the best place in our area to hear God's Word taught, however, there will always be 'something' we 'could' find fault in, as I said earlier there is no perfect church. But we strive to listen to the Lord's Word when taught and understand that there are times when a leader may say something out of his 'preference' that we can just sift out of our own lives. BUT, the Word itself is NOT to be sifted. God's Word IS perfect and as we seek to hear the Lord and be sure our decisions align with the Word of God, then we know we are walking in the right direction.
Our church as a Christian school, and our children attended there for all their lives, until we brought them home. They have a good school, good teachers, and a great principal, but for our family, the decision to homeschool was best for us. For our situation it has been best for our children to be at home for various reasons, and some of our results have been astounding. We have discovered that we needed to re-establish our authority as parents over our children. We have needed to help clear their minds of the unkind clique mind set that was flowing from their thoughts. We have needed to guide our children to seeing the importance of studying God's Word over the need for getting straight A's. We have needed to be bold in our assessment of our children's philosophies and help guide them to see from God's Word how Jesus lived his life.
Far too many times our children were seeing Jesus from a world view that was not bringing peace to their hearts. They were so easily blinded by the petty relationships among the girls they were spending 7 hours a day 5 days a week with. I had very, very little time to influence my own daughters for the Lord. I don't feel that is what God intends for any family.
I do not wish to cause a dissention between my readers and I. I understand that some of you have your children in a school, and it's not a matter of me against you, school against homeschool, denomination against denomination, rather it's what does God intend for you and your family?
My heart aches for change. I believe God's heart does too.

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{ Digging for Pearls } at: February 13, 2008 at 7:00 AM said...

I have seen the book advertised as well and thought that I would love to read it sometime. Hope you are well. :)

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