Dig Deeper: Who Are We REALLY Arguing With?

Something that I have noticed for quite a while is that there are such controversial hot topics among Christians. I have read comments on message boards, blogs, and even among conversations within local ministries here in town.

So what makes something a hot topic? Do you feel that hot topics stem from scriptures that are outwardly blunt? Do these hot topics drive your flesh to scream out in pain over hearing that something may not be what God would have you to participate in?

Why is it that certain topics always end up bring division among the brethren? Where does this rebellion stem from? If God's Word says 'Don't do it' then why must we strive so hard to defend our views against fellow Christians who want to abstain from certain things in life? Why is it that when someone you know decides to give up their television completely, or abstain from any form of alcohol, that people begin to argue their beliefs? Why can't we just support those who make new decisions to follow where the Lord is leading them?

In this world we fight against principalities, against the darkness and wickedness of this world. I see this as a matter of either following our flesh or the Spirit of God. I just don't buy into the whole, 'Well it's a gray area' philosophy. We are either following God or we're not. Now I know none of us are perfect and I'm not saying that if a person owns a television that they're not following God. However, if the Lord has shown you in His word very clearly that something is amiss in your relationship with Him then how you decide to obey Him is where you draw your line. God has already drawn His line and we know exactly where He stands. The ball really is in our court.

So I ask you, What makes a topic 'hot' among the Christian community? Put aside the negative, critical comments that people make and just focus in on the spiritual aspect of this article. Considering that this world is a spiritual battle, why do we argue about doctrine? If God said it, that settles it. Why argue Him on the matter? Are we really arguing with each other or are we arguing with God?

Which topic would you like to see me conduct a study on?

Be prepared for deep conviction in my future studies on these topics. Only those deeply interested in serious change should participate.

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