Prince Caspian, Will He Be King?

C.S. Lewis' 'Chronicles of Narnia' hit our culture with a bang a few years ago with the opening of 'The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe'. This last week we saw the opening of 'Prince Caspian, A Return to Narnia' with a box office draw of $55 Million.

Now I really must confess that I haven't read the books since the eighth grade so a lot of the films are a bit fuzzy in my memory, so I won't be writing a review about the comparison of the books and the films. What I will review for you is the content of the film.

**Warning: Partial Spoilers**

In the first scene we see a battle between High King Peter and some other students in the subway and his actions puzzled me. Understand that King Peter was a teen, became a man, then was transformed back into a teen again, with the mind of an adult. After being an adult for several years at the end of the first film, I would have thought he would be more mature than what I saw portrayed. King Edmond shows valor and maturity throughout this film, which I was pleased to see after his character was truly humbled by his experience with the White Witch.

Although I had hoped to see Mr. Tumnus, a similar character is introduced in this film which brings out the loving character trait in Miss Lucy. Her character seems to draw out the best in my little Gina. She loved seeing a heroine that was younger than the teen age Majesties. Queen Lucy's soul really shone brightly and the scenes in which I was most emotionally enamored with were focused in on our small Highness.

Her elder sister, Queen Susan, still had a bit of spunk between herself and big brother King Peter, yet she stayed her tongue enough to show some growth as a lady. She showed more bravery, as she boldly stood for Narnia, and although I'm not one for sending a lady into battle, she entered each scene with a stylish feminine Narnian wardrobe.

Humor, wit, charm, and action met us in every scene, Be forewarned that the violence in this film is just as substantial as the last, although instead of seeing graphic demonic enemies, you see battles between Narnians and a soldier of men, resulting in loss of life. I don't recall any actual bloodshed other than a bloody lip, yet several sword fighting scenes portrayed fierce stabs, and deaths. Death in a any battle for a country is realistic, yet we also see a value of life, mercy, and forgiveness.

As a Christian I clearly see Biblical teaching throughout this film, yet an average viewer may not know the depth of the teaching it contains. Certainly our heroes struggle with 'self', yet they learn from experience that faith and humility holds the key to their future. Honor, respect, family unity, and support for leadership are all exemplified in this Chronicle of Narnia. But will Prince Caspian ever be a King of Narnia?

Rated PG for violence, battle scenes, and loss of life.
Sisterlisa's rating: Four Stars *** For mature audiences and recommended family discussion before and after the film as a family. Topics: Honor, respect, family unity, and support for leadership. Violence, battles, and when it's the right decision to fight and when it's not.

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{ Martha } at: May 22, 2008 at 11:27 PM said...

I'm so glad you posted this review, I actually saw this movie only a couple of days ago with my husband and my son. It had no closed captioning (as always) and it was the first time my 2 year old son went to a movie theatre... so he threw a tantrum and I missed the last 30 minutes of the movie. Darn ;-)

From what I saw so far, I truly enjoyed it. The beginning was a little confusing, especially for someone who never saw either movie with subtitles.

I loved watching the battle scene where the 'good guys' charged at the baddies with such bravery! It showed me that I cannot back down from the evilness in the world and try to be lukewarm to make everybody happy. It's a war, everyday, between good and evil. And I want to be on the good side and march to victory! :) Needless to say, the movie was very inspiring.

Whoops, sorry for rambling. I loved this review, thanks for posting it!

{ SuperAngel } at: May 24, 2008 at 4:45 PM said...

Nice review. Thanks for your thoughts on my review.
When I wrote this up, I didn't know Jocelyn was working on her LOTR article and I didn't know she posted it either. LOL! So it may seem contradictive to some. Although I plan to post my thoughts about her article!


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