Sweet Nothing in My Ear

Hallmark has just released 'Sweet Nothing in My Ear' and is available in Hallmark stores. If you don't have a local Hallmark store you can find the DVD at Ebay. We will be hosting a series of discussions here at Apples of Gold and hope that you can view the film before we begin our discussion. We will begin our discussion mid June some time. I feel this discussion will be of great importance to us as Christian women. The challenges that the family in the film faces are not only specific to the deaf, but to many of us in a variety of areas.

Please get a hold of the DVD and let me know as soon as you have seen the film. I will be posting reminders each week about the upcoming discussion and a graphic will soon be available for you to host on your site so that others can join us.

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claudia at: March 3, 2009 at 11:57 AM said...

we just bought the movie and shared it with relatives and a couple who is just getting married and they all loved it it was as good as Facing the giants Wayne was really hilarious!!every family should watch this movie it contains humor,sensitive parts and just about everything!! we learned a lot... show love to receive love! this movie had a great message it';s a must see!!!! every family should see it!

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