The Healing Choice

The Healing Choice by Brenda Stoeker and Susan Allen

Summary: "In the aftermath of discovering a husband’s battle with pornography or other forms of sexual infidelity, countless wives are left feeling humiliated, betrayed, angry, and desperate. Worse still is the sense of isolation created by the fear of revealing the truth even to trusted friends.

Authors Brenda Stoeker and Susan Allen understand all too well the pain inflicted by a spouse’s sexual duplicity, and in this empowering book and companion workbook they lead women out of the closet of shame and into the light of God’s healing. With biblical wisdom and compassion born of experience, they lovingly guide women in moving toward genuine spiritual and emotional restoration, even if their husbands never change.

Drawing on their own stories and those of other women, the authors provide step-by-step counsel in grabbing hold of intimacy with God and the community of women to find the needed support to move beyond devastation and into a restored wholeness. Through these powerful, practical resources, women will be equipped to find healing and to make wise choices for themselves, their children, and their marriage."

I want to be honest and tell you that I had a difficult time getting into this book. As I skimmed through the table of contents and through a few of the chapters, I just dipped my toes into the water and found myself struggling with the idea of jumping in. This topic is such painful one to read about, yet I came across a portion of chapter nine that intrigued me. I finally sat down to really get into chapter one and found myself lost. I was still just dipping my toe in when I went back to the first page of chapter one again when I saw a note that the authors suggest reading the introduction first. I actually do usually read the introduction, but like I said, I was struggling with reading this book to begin with.

As I read the introduction it made so much more sense to me and I want to say that this book is a GREAT book. READ THE INTRO FIRST!

One thing that sticks out in my mind is that even if you could wave a magic wand and make your spouse whole again, you still have your own bag of hurts that must be settled, because otherwise you will bring the same toxicity of your emotional burdens back into the marriage. This book does not tell you how to change your spouse, but rather how to find healing through your own pain of your spouses sexual immorality.

If you or a friend would be helped by this book leave me a message, I have two to giveaway and one set that has the book and workbook to giveaway!

Post about it on your blog for a better chance of winning. ;O)

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{ Abi } at: August 12, 2008 at 11:11 AM said...

I believe this book would be a good one for me to share with my sister as she has marriage troubles. No cheating per say but he mentally abuses her. I'd love to win this for her.

ABreading4fun [at]gmail [dot] com

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