This last week I was able to attend a marriage seminar. I wrote a few days ago about the importance of the Marriage and Family Security System and about how worthy the investment is to help safeguard your family. The seminar was absolutely wonderful! Yet when we choose to invest in a weekend like this it is very important to apply what you've learned.

In the last article I wrote about the 24/7 surveillance system which is the Holy Spirit. Each day he attempts to warn us of impending danger, but are we really listening to him? I have found that the best way to be sure I can hear him is to have daily communication with our heavenly Father. The Holy Spirit is His Spirit and He will work in our hearts through the power of His Word. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your surveillance system is functioning at full capacity.

1. Read your Bible: You will never hear a Bible teacher tell you to avoid the Word. It is the most fundamental part of being a Christian. I consider myself a fundamentalist because I believe in the fundamentals of Christianity. Just as a basketball player is told to practice many hours a day on the fundamentals of his sport. He must practice dribbling, passing, shooting. These are fundamentals. So as a Christian one of our fundamentals is reading the Bible.

2. Memorize Scripture: As we memorize scripture, the Holy Spirit can bring those verses to our minds quickly when we need them. If you struggle in the area of submission, find those verses and memorize them. If you struggle with your temper choose verses on anger and memorize them or choose verses that express peace and joy. Just as we memorize music before standing in the choir, lead music, or your Sunday School lesson before you teach, memorizing scripture is a vital fundamental in the life of a Christian before we attempt to walk outside our bedroom door. We wouldn't dream of trying to sing a solo in front of the church without first memorizing and practicing your song several times, so we also should not attempt to walk the Christian life without knowing His Word.

3. Pray: Talking to God is the easiest thing you can do, yet we struggle with this because it takes faith to talk to someone you can't hear or see. God loves you so much that He sent His own Son to die for your sin, He definitely wants to talk to you and have you talk to Him. When we seek to know Him, He will make Himself known unto us. If you decided not to speak to your husband or children for several days you wouldn't have much of a relationship.

4. Know the Scriptures: This is more than just reading the Bible. This is actually knowing Him. You may say that you know who Sisterlisa is, where she writes, and what state she lives in, but if you haven't taken the time to seek what I like and dislike then you wouldn't know what kind of gift to get me on a special occasion. Every day is a gift from God, maybe that's why we call today the 'present'. What can we offer to God every day if we don't really know his likes and dislikes?

5. Worship Him: We were created to worship God. Many times people get caught up in worship and miss the purpose of it. We see so many times today where Christians gather for worship services, yet their music offers entertainment to draw in a crowd, when the original design of worship is to meet with believers and sing to Him in the manner He enjoys not what we enjoy.

People choose churches for the music they offer rather than for the teaching for the Word. That's where we miss the purpose of godly worship. We are to sing to the Lord to bring enjoyment to Him. Worship is all about God, and has nothing to do with us. Worship is not to edify ourselves, but rather to glorify and praise God.

Imagine inviting all your friends to your birthday celebration and once they all get there they have a grand celebration for their own enjoyment rather than to spend the day with you. They bring gifts for each other, but not for you. They sing about you, but not to you. Now I think it's important to sing 'about' the Lord to testify to others about Him. I think the music leaders and choir should sing songs that are about Him in order to spread the gospel, but when it comes to worship we should be singing to Him. When I sing, 'Our God is an Awesome God', I change the words to 'O God You're an Awesome God'. I want to worship Him and sing to Him not just about Him.

I pray these ideas will give you a fundamental (foundational) beginning to your 24/7 Marriage and Family Surveillance System.

Sisterlisa is a homeschooling mom of four children and married to a ministry leader of a Rescue mission. She is the owner of Growing in Grace Magazine and AGMinistries.

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{ Serendipitymom12 } at: January 19, 2009 at 4:52 PM said...

What awesome 'fundamental' guidelines! They all are very important in our daily lives and contribute largely to our walk with God. We should always work on every single thing that was listed daily. It's SO important!!

{ Reborn } at: April 9, 2009 at 8:37 AM said...

Love your thoughts on worship. I get so annoyed by abundance of so-called "worship" songs that talk about God rather than to him. I think there may be a place for "testimony" type songs, but they should be greatly outnumbered by the truly worshipful ones.

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