What Are We Walking In?

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Have you ever been at the place in your life where God speaks very intently to you in a very individual way? Have you ever really prayed for God to show you what your weakness are so He could cleanse you from walking in unrighteousness(flesh)? God has been showing me things in my own life that I would never have thought of.

My heart was broken for good reasons. God has been breaking my heart open , like a good Gardner does to the hardened soil and showing me areas of my life that need to be tilled. It seems kind of scary to say, "Hey God, can you please show me my weakness."
UGH! Who wants to have their weakness shown to them? It's so humbling.
I can tell you that it's a whole lot easier to deal with than if God shows your weakness to someone else to see first. When that happens, you are humiliated.

Would you rather be humbled or humiliated?

I have received comments from readers as well as through various other sources and ministries where 'sin' seems to be abounding. Some have said they feel "like something is going on", but that can't put their finger on it. Some have said, "I see people increasingly getting worse", "I see more people leaving churches than ever before", "Why are the kids leaving the 'will of God' when they leave home". These are just a few of MANY testimonies that have come to me.

It has been preached since the beginning of time that God's people need to repent. God told Noah to preach repentance (Genesis 6) and they people would not obey. We know what happened to them.

People make choices and they think they have 100% free reign to do so..but I disagree. I believe God allows us to make choices that aren't good for us, like Jonah did.  But God knows how to bring us back and He knows how far is too far. And He will not give us more than we can handle. He shepherds our hearts, and any good shepherd will tell you that they don't just let the sheep have 'free will' to go do whatever they want. Would you allow your child to run into the freeway? God is a much better parent than we are. 

Lot left the well watered plain to pitch his tent toward Sodom. God rained fire and brimstone upon that land and destroyed it. Then we have lives of the people in the Bible that suffered consequences  like Abraham who bore a child with Hagar, his wife's handmaiden. The  decision caused great contention between Sarah and Hagar. Jacob was deceived by Laban and this caused many years of strife between Leah and Rachel. Even Dinah, Leah's daughter, rebelled against her parents when she left the tent to see the daughters of the land. In doing so she was defiled and it brought more consequences with those actions.

When you walk by sight(flesh) instead of by faith it infects everyone around us! It attaches itself like a leech and sucks the life right out of you. When you are infected by this walk it grows. When it grows it multiplies, spawning more infection on those around you.

This goes a bit deeper I'm afraid, you see the next thing about that walk is that people try to hide it. In Genesis 37 Jospeh's brothers conspired together to kill their brother over their jealousy. When one brother tried to take a stand about it, the brothers did NOT confess and make it right. Instead they decided to leave Joseph in the pit. They didn't want to deal with their decision, they just simply found another way to accomplish their goal of ridding themselves of their brother. On top of that they covered it up with a lie. God's had of blessing was upon Joseph and their brothers sent him away. Long story short, Joseph's homeland suffered from famine, and God's hand of blessing went with Joseph and the Egyptians became the nation with the abundance of stored food. This lead into the Hebrew children becoming enslaved for hundreds of years. Look at how long it took for them to BEG God for deliverance before He sent Moses. Joseph walked by faith, his brothers walked by sight.

Will we continue to go down this same path? Dear people all these stories came from the book of Genesis! All within ONE book, the FIRST book of the Bible. God shows us MANY more examples of the SAME thing throughout His Word and if we know history, we know that He is STILL showing this to us today. We all make choices, but here is where I differ with popular teachings. Popular teachings will tell you it's all about 'sin', then they try to dissect it, define it, and make it so hard to avoid..much like the Pharisees did. I'm not going to make this about 'sin' and get us caught up in that rabbit's black hole. What I am aiming for is a walk of faith. Unfortunate things happened to many people in the Bible, but those who walked by faith were blessed. Yes, they suffered too, but God turned it all around. But not just for the individual, but for all those they loved.

God spoke to my heart one day as I stood in a place of worship and He said, "I'm going to shake this place up" and He sounded quite serious. He sure did shake it up and many people left because God was showing them things to wake them up, stir their hearts, and refreshed them with His Living Water. He tilled up hard ground, broke it all up, and poured the water in to moisten the soil. He began a transplant.

I will be honest and tell you that I am praying for God to shake us up!

Jesus Christ, our Lord and King, laid down His own life as the sacrifice to reconcile us to Father.  "God show me my weakness."

He isn't going to dump your whole life's worth of shortcomings over your head. He wants to show you where you walk by sight, so he can show you how to walk by faith.

Most Christians are aiming at sin, but Jesus already cleansed you and made you whole. So why do you want to dig in the garbage can? He wants you to seek to walk by faith. That is the goal. To walk by faith in Christ. If we keep making sin the problem, it will remain a problem. Jesus already took care of that for you! So put down that thought and seek to KNOW Him. Do we really truly live in the power of His resurrection? I think many don't and I can see it by how they struggle with 'sin'. Drop that ball of 'sin' and just walk by faith now.

If we continue to walk in this so called Christian life by focusing on sin then we are still walking by sight. Your sight is set on sin, instead of in Christ...walking by faith. The walk of faith is not about sin. It's about walking IN Christ.

{Colossians 1:27}
{Hebrews 11}

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