Trivia or Trivial

Proverbs 8:8-11 "8All the words of my mouth are in righteousness; there is nothing froward or perverse in them. 9They are all plain to him that understandeth, and right to them that find knowledge. 10Receive my instruction, and not silver; and knowledge rather than choice gold. 11For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it."

Have you ever heard a group of people discussing all the trivia about a specific T.V. show or Sports highlights? That's a lot of trivia! There are several games based on trivia. How much can you possibly know about the history of prime time television? Should we be proud of ourselves because we have a vast array of knowledge of Hollywood's tid bits? Do you think God will look at you in the day of judgment and say "Well done thou good and faithful servant" when he sees how much you know about the batting average of a baseball player from the 1960's or who is connected to Kevin Bacon in six degrees?

God instructs us to know His Word, it is better than searching for silver or gold, nothing is to be compared to it. His Word is better than rubies! So how much do you know about God's Word? I'm not talking about scripture, I'm talking about the Word of God, Jesus Christ. John 1:1-14. How has God revealed His Son in you lately?

Sisterlisa is a homeschooling mom of four children and married to a ministry leader of a Rescue mission. She is the owner of Growing in Grace Magazine and AGMinistries.

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{ Martha } at: March 28, 2009 at 4:18 PM said...

At a family gathering, we excelled at the popular board games and shrieked with glee. As a change of pace, we brushed off the dusty Bible Trivia game and gave it a try. Sadly, it was a quiet moment and many questions were left unanswered. It was a good lesson for me, we often waste our times learning about silly nonsense when we should be learning from the greatest material in the world... the Bible! Good post!

{ Miss Charlene } at: March 28, 2009 at 11:15 PM said...

Right! We invest our time, energy and knowledge in things that go to waste in light of eternity.

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