Which is the Real Shepherd?

At first glance of this video, some might think it's humorous, but what went on in my heart was sadness. The sheep represent the people, God's people. God's people, the sheep, are in need of honest, sincere, loving leaders who protect the flock, yet in this video you see their shepherds taking advantage of them for their own personal pleasure. They are using the sheep for their own entertainment. Shepherding them in and out of ridiculous circumstances instead of allowing them to graze and be at peace. These men have taken these sheep and are running them to and fro, for no purpose but their own. String them up with lights, run them ragged, send the dogs to make them obey, then stand back and laugh at what they have created, as if it glorifies some greater purpose. Just what we have in most modern churches today.

Does anyone have a video of a REAL shepherd?

In this next video we see a Border Collie named Bo who helps keep the sheep together and their shepherd is walking in their midst. He is among them and walking with them. My fourteen year old daughter watched with me then quietly said, "The dog is the Holy Spirit keeping them all close together and directing them." A very realistic look at what is and what should be within The Church today.

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{ Michelle } at: August 27, 2009 at 7:33 AM said...

Out of the mouths of babes:)

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