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How to Apply to be Listed in our Family Friendly Web Directory

AGMinistries has opened a free listing for women bloggers and businesses. This is a tremendous opportunity to network your site with other women, get your site seen, and support family friendly websites.

-You can submit your site for one of the following categories or suggest a category by contacting us at 'submitmysite at' Please add "Listing Submission" to the subject line.
-Please allow up to three weeks to get listed.
-All submissions will be under review to insure that your site is conservative family friendly.
-We are under no obligation to notify you of your listing or if it has been denied or why.
-Please include your name, email address, and site URL.
-Add our graphic to your main page. This graphic must remain on your main page in a visible location while your site is under review and while you are listed in our directory. All sites will be randomly reviewed each month and any dead links, or sites that remove our icon will be removed from our directory. (Graphics Below)


**Christian Blog Listings
Mothers(Parenting) Blogs
Homeschooling Moms Blogs
Homeschooling Teens Blogs
Teen Blogs
Devotion/Study Blogs
Craft Blogs
Digital Scrapbooking Blogs (Non business)
Ministry Wives

Group Authors Blogs
Travel Blogs
Community Networks

Business Websites/Blogs
Home Design

By State
By Country

You may also request to be featured:

As an encouraging resource upon approval.

To Submit for this option send your info to sisterlisa {at}
(You can also suggest a site of someone who encourages you. We reserve the right to choose which site we list with or without notification to you.)
Include your Name Website/Blog name
Email address

A link to your site's graphic(Button) (Or attach it)

Please snag one of the graphics below:

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