Grace is For Sinners

I had the pleasure of reading Grace is for Sinners by Serena Woods. She graciously donated three books to The Sarah Home and the ladies are enjoying them too. Like Serena, I also came out of a legalistic church that had a long list of things you needed to do and a long list of things to abstain from in order to be ‘right with God’. Reading about the journey God guided her through reminded me of a lot of experiences I had in life as well.

As Serena introduces each character in her story and gives the details within those relationships I easily saw myself in each and every one. I may not have committed the same sins in the same specific manner, but to some degree I did. Serena tenderly examines the path she took as she made the choice to get involved with a married man, while she was married too. Serena does not go into detail about the affair and certainly does not glorify her actions at all. As a matter of fact she cautions women who are walking in her previous shoes, to turn and face Christ for their answer.

Through Serena’s journey she shows us how God’s plan unfolded before her eyes and throughout the lives of the few who were involved with her life. She takes you on a journey to understand the sovereignty of God, even while we think we are messing our entire lives up. This journey not only brought her to where she needed to be in Christ, but she gives all the glory to Him. During these years of her life she shows how the religious turned their backs on her at the time she needed them the most. Sadly, I have also seen this happen in churches today. To some ,her book may seem sacrilegious, but in my eyes I saw a hurting woman who was in need of her Savior and in need of true friends who could direct her towards Him.

She gives us a fresh look at who Christ is in our lives. As a former religious person I can clearly see how my past actions may have hurt others as they hurt Serena during those dark and lonely days. She says in the introduction of her book that she kicks religion where it hurts, that is so true. Serena does not disrespect God, but she shows us how our decisions can either make or break a person’s identity in Christ.

If you have been in the shoes of the wife, while your husband had an affair, this book could either be difficult for you or it can bring you healing. It all depends on where you are in your healing process. For those who chose a similar path, it may bring the healing they are desperately seeking for. If you have been in Serena’s shoes, she gives a refreshing look at God’s grace and hope for your future as you begin your own healing journey. The last character I want to talk about is the religious person. In Serena’s book you might see yourself in the shoes of that person.

Maybe you haven’t quite understood how to respond to someone who has sinned or someone who is still in the act of that sin. Serena explains painful details about how the religious have treated her in the past and some who continue to do so. For me it kicked me in the rear! May we all take a longer look at the grace Christ has extended to us and towards others before we take religious action against our brethren and sisters in the Lord.

I have come away from this experience of reading Serena’s book, seeing the sovereignty of God in ways I never understood before. Serena recently left a comment on my blog under an article I wrote that pretty much sums up what I learned from ‘Grace is For Sinners’.
"If you put a drop of sun in a clay vase, you can see the sun pour through the cracks. Maybe we thought we were made to just hold flowers, when we're actually made to be lamps."

You can purchase Grace is For Sinners directly from her blog. Grace is for Sinners is on my list of top best and most recommended books for Christian living. Serena is also promoting a fund raiser to help us get a case of her books for The Sarah Home. When you help spread the word about the fund raiser you enter yourself for a chance to win a $20 Starbucks Gift card.

Sisterlisa is a homeschooling mom of four children and married to a ministry leader of a Rescue mission. She is the owner of Growing in Grace Magazine and AGMinistries.

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