Halloween or Reformation Day

 (re-post from a previous year)

Every year I see many people, believers and non believers, begin the argument of whether or not to celebrate Halloween or Reformation Day.

I have spent several years looking into this as well and my family walked away from all Halloween activities several years ago. I do not feel that it is my place to 'tell' others not to celebrate it, but rather take some time to research the matter on your own and pray for God to guide you.

Just as Halloween has deep roots that are not in accordance with our worship of God, so does Reformation Day.

I'm also not going to 'tell' people not to partake in Reformation Day. I am not going to argue that at all. But just encourage you to take a deeper look at that as well.

The most popular explanation of Reformation is when the different groups of people who worship God broke off from the Catholic Church and began their own practices of faith. The thing that makes me dig deeper is that if they felt the need to have the freedom of religion, then why after all these years have those 'reformed' churches held onto a majority of the Catholic practices?

Time and time again we see churches demanding ordinances to 'be right with God' or 'be right with the church'. Both of these demands are not even in the scriptures. The only righteousness we have is in Christ our Lord.

So whatever you decide to do with your day, just keep Jesus your focus and try to avoid bringing arguments that further divide the brethren. "Keep your eyes on Jesus and right living happens." (CD Baker '101 Cups of Water')

Allow each other to grow in grace and do not allow Halloween or Reformation Day enslave you in the trap of Legalism.

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