Matthew 18 The Heart of Reconciliation

Matthew 18 is a controversial passage of scripture that gets twisted by abusive leaders who seek to control and keep members under their rule. But the heart of Matthew 18 is reconciliation through the love of Christ. In this 10 page Ebook you'll see the heart aches suffered by many believers in churches, ministries, and various relationships all over the world, including the blogosphere. I believe this message of hope is one that is much needed in the Body today. Not only is this teaching from our Lord so applicable to 'church discipline', but also in our relationships with our families and most beneficial in our parenting.
Are you frustrated with how to handle friendships that are divided by a wall of unforgiveness?
Have you wondered why church discipline doesn't seem to work very well?
Should you really cut off people because they don't believe the same as you?

I believe you'll find your answers in the experiences I have shared in this Ebook, 'Matthew 18, The Heart of Reconciliation'.    Simply email me at:    sisterlisa {at}   Subject="Matthew18"

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