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All the kingdom knew, that for anyone to enter King Ahasureus' throne room uninvited meant death, unless he held out the golden scepter. Queen Esther, the new lady of the kingdom, had a need to be brought before her king. She was burdened for her people, since Haman sought to kill them all. Haman was so consumed with hatred for Mordecai because Mordecai refused to bow to Haman. The reason Mordecai wouldn't bow to Haman was not a personal issue, it was because of Mordecai's loyalty to God. It wasn't because Mordecai didn't like Haman or  because he was jealous of Haman. Mordecai honestly revered God and that is his reason for not bowing. From this, Haman was wroth with anger and bitterness against Mordecai. But seeking vengance against Mordecai was not Haman's stopping point, he sought to kill all of Mordecai's people, not realizing his decision meant death to the Queen.

Bitterness and self exaltation will do that to a person. They become so blind to what is really before them and they take pleasure in scheming against those who simply follow God. Haman didn't understand Mordecai's love for God. He didn't understand the love he had for our Creator. So he chose to take Mordecai's resistance to bowing as an assault on him personally. Haman's bitterness resulted in making haste decisions that would quickly bring death to millions of people and to the queen in which the king deeply loved.

Queen Esther, being the new lady of the castle, was well aware of the rule regarding the entering in of the king's throne room. She fasted and prayed before going to him. Her maidens fasted also. As Queen Esther entered that throne room, the king took notice of her. I would imagine the throne room occupants must have gasped at her entering uninvited. With wide eyed amazement they probably feared for the life of their new queen. However, Queen Esther willingly entered that room, knowing full well that her life could be over in a split second. But her purpose for coming to the king's throne room was for the freedom of her people.

I would imagine that when the king extended the royal scepter, the palace occupants must have sighed a big sigh of relief. Phew*** This imagery is of our King Jesus and us as His bride. We can boldly come before His throne and know that we will receive the grace of the royal scepter. The king gave grace to his queen because he truly loved her. King Jesus is Majesty Supreme and He reigns over this world and over His bride. We enter the throne room of our King, our Master and he WILL extend his grace toward us. Not because he thinks we deserve it, but because he is madly in love with us. We are His bride and anything we have need of can be requested by us.

I have a prayer request dear brothers and sisters in our Lord. We are in the middle of a tremendous battle that some see as an earthly battle of control. But the battle is in the heavenly places between principalities and wicked forces of the spiritual realm. I have entered the throne room of our Lord many times in the last several weeks and tonight received this imagery of Queen Esther. We are His Body, His Bride and we can come before him with our supplications. Many are coming before our great King Jesus, Almighty Yeshua, to beseech His divine intervention in this battle. There is a much bigger picture here and many don't know what is at the end of this battle, but we are praying for a complete cleansing of the Body. The Body must be reconciled to Christ our Lord, the Head of us all. It all begins with one. If we all seek Christ our Lord then we automatically become one with another. 1 John chapter 1 shows the beauty of this.

Will you enter the throne room of grace with me and seek God's divine intervention in this matter with us? There is no need to know details. We just seek to be reconciled to Christ as a whole Body, and we can only do our part first by coming to him as individuals. But then please ask for His Body, His Bride to be reconciled to Him as a whole Body. The evil spirit that wants to devour all of us is well on his way, but this battle is not about whose 'side are you on', it's about submitting to Christ our Lord and there is nothing we can do in any tangible way to bring this about. It must come by intercession for the Body. Maybe this situation seems like it was personally written for you. Perhaps it was, but from my point of view I have a personal request in this. And at the same time I know of other battles that need this same kind of intervention. So come before His throne room and know that His grace is being extended to all of us, as we enter His throne room seeking reconciliation to our King. He will humble us and as He does so, come willingly to the Light.

God is shaking up the ministries here on earth. We need to intercede on behalf of the whole Body, all of His people. As Queen Esther came before the king's throne for her people, so we must also come before His throne room for all of our people, the Body of Christ. The ministries of His work need rescuing.

Sisterlisa is a homeschooling mom of four children and married to a ministry leader of a Rescue mission. She is the owner of Growing in Grace Magazine and AGMinistries.

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