Pix-O-Sphere is in Private Beta

Pix-O-Sphere is in private beta right now with several bloggers, photographers, and other company representatives and we are trouble shooting, writing tutorials for the site, uploading photos, etc!!

When we do launch, we are going to begin inviting from those in our Pix-O-Sphere Facebook Group and those who have pre e-registered at our Coming Soon Page. So be sure to join us!!!

At Pix-O-Sphere you'll be able to host your photos, share photos with the blogosphere for use on their blogs, get desktops, and apply to be a seller of stock photography. All in a SAFE environment. All ads on our site will require a moderation process before signing contracts to be sure your time on the site is as safe as possible. All photos will also go through moderation. We'll even have an anonymous report a violation link in case we make a human error. ;O)

I'm currently working on a free download-able E-book about blogging, social networking, and digital photography for the family  for all those in both those categories and all new e-registrants.

I'll be adding a limited amount of advertisers in that E-book so if you're interested  in negotiating a TRADE with us, contact me at lbertolini {at} pixosphere.com  (that first character is a lower case L)
subject line" E-book ad"


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