This Blog is my Journey

by Sisterlisa

I had begun deleting my older blog articles, because I found how legalistic I was. The thought of being concerned that someone would come across and older article and stumble over the law I wrote by would cause them harm, is one I have taken into consideration. But I need not worry because I trust in Christ. If you trust Christ then you would know what is truth and was is not. If you were to read my older articles first and work your way through to the most recent you would see the journey I took with Christ guiding me to Him. So I decided to leave them. I am going to be working my way through my articles to edit them and insert the truth in comparison to the lies I used to spread to my readers. So if you come across my older articles, please understand that I have been on this journey with you and we can love each other through grace as we cultivate our relationships with Christ alongside one another. Forgiveness is so beautiful.

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