by Sisterlisa
inspired by her daughter, Jessica

A woman walks into the building. Her tear stained face shows evidence of her sorrowful morning. She sits in the pew with her purse in her lap. A song is played and members muldanely sing with muffled words. They all sit down. She still holds her purse in her lap. She holds her face downward in fear that someone will ask her what's wrong with her. The last time she opened up about her troubles she was told that she was a sinner destined for hell. She had explained that she had already accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior and they insist she was nothing but a sinner. She was so crushed, but still wanted to learn more about her Savior. She wanted to know how to increase her faith in him for every area of her life.
She barely looked up as she noticed a man next to her wearing a dirty yet baggy shirt and baggy linen pants. He had soiled feet and worn out sandals. The music began to play again and a golden plate was passed down the aisle. The plate was handed to her and she placed it on her lap as she fervently search the bottom of her purse for anything to put in the plate. Her cries muffled as she crimped her lips together, in hopes no one would hear her sorrow. The man sat there looking on her with such compassion. She could feel the stares, of those who sat around her, through her back and she slightly lifted her head to tell the man that she didn't even have enough money to pay her rent, let alone anything to give to God. (photo from

The man in the dirty shirt and pants reached into the offering plate and took all the money and placed it in her purse. She looked at those hands, they had nail scars. Uncontrollable sobs came from her soul as she praised God for his love and kindness. Tears filled her eyes as she looked up to thank the man, but he was gone. It was then that she knew that her faith had just increased. Her faith in Jesus Christ had become a reality. She had nothing to give, but Agape made it's way into her heart.

1 John 4:16, "So we have come to know and to believe the love (Agape) that God has for us. God is love (Agape), and whoever abides in love (Agape) abides in God, and God abides in him."

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