Which Tree Are You Feasting On?

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is such a fantastic story the way God presents it to us. (Genesis 3)There is a lot of spiritual meaning behind it and there are many views of that story that all lead to a closer walk with God through Christ. The one God showed me, which was used by Him to free me from the judge's seat (that is behaving as a judge) was this:

God said do NOT eat of it. Adam and Eve knew it was there, but they didn't know all the details of what would happen, just that they would die. It was there from the beginning. They were aware of it and knew it would bring death if they ate of it.

Eve was deceived by the lie that captivated her. Satan coerced her into wanting to be like God. (His very choice that caused his own fall) Remember when he fell it was his own words that tripped himself. He believed his own words that he would be 'like the most High God'. Now he was using his words to cause the same to happen to Eve. Then Adam ate, but he wasn't deceived. He knew better.

(you can do a search for Adam and Eve's names in the scriptures to find all these facts)
When they ate of the tree, they chose to feast upon a word that was not from God. They did NOT choose "THE" Word, tree of Life, they chose "a" word..a lie. Now they are under the curse of the word/lie. They believed the lie. Now they believe they know good and evil, but now they know it all according to how Satan interprets it. Not how God interprets it. SO now they believe everything Satan says to them. Now they believed him when he showed them they were naked and he condemned them so they made fig leave aprons to cover themselves.

God created them naked and there was NO SIN in the garden. It was Satan's word/lie that told them to be ashamed. He condemned them. They believed him. They ate the lie. And all fruit has seed. (See Gen 1:29-31)

Now Adam and Eve become blind to the garden's location and given sight to the world as Satan sees it. As parents they now pass down that knowledge to Cain. And so the story continues through the ages etc etc.

Adam and Eve became their own judges, gods. It was never to be so. God commanded them NOT to eat of that tree. Now He KNEW it was going to happen and God made a provision. Satan meant the tree for evil, God intended it for good. But it was not to be so from the beginning. We know good and evil exists, it's whose eyes we see it through that is important to us. Jesus sees LOVE. Satan sees HATE. Jesus offers grace,mercy, and all the fruit of His Spirit. Satan offers condemnation, death, fear, the works of the flesh.

Word=seed. God put enmity between her seed and Satan's seed. Enmity is a complete separation. NO MIXING SEEDS. Don't mix Law with Grace. Don't mix truth with lies. Any mixture of truth with a lie cancels out the truth and makes it a bold faced lie. No truth in it at all.

Which tree will we eat from today?
What was the provision of God?
Why did God allow all this? He knew it would happen.

This is the greatest love story ever told. Would you know the complete and utter depth of His love if there was nothing to compare it to? The best romances have a villain. The villian is always destroyed, but used to draw out the true love between the lovers and when the enemy is destroyed the victory is so powerful in their hearts. It strengthens the love. Would Snow White had ever been an adventurous romance had she not eaten of the fruit?

Jesus conquered everything when He died for mankind. God said we were created IN CHRIST *before* the foundation of the world. I believe that was the beginning of His provision for us. He then sent His Son to the earth for so many beautiful reasons. He said 'whosoever believes in me and is baptized shall be saved'. His death was the baptism. God shows us "he baptized us in his death" We were "planted together with him". So believe it. He did everything for us. Now we just need to believe, truly believe. Christ IN YOU, the hope of glory. Col 1:27

If we continue to believe the lies, we don't become aware of Him in us. That is a blind state. He said to the Pharisees, "Because you say you see, it is why you are still blind and your sin remains" That tree is a beam sticking out of our eyes. We need to get out of this judging seat, it doesn't belong to us.

Recommended reading Romans 1:18-32
Revelation of Jesus Christ   ..revealed in you.

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{ Kate } at: April 15, 2010 at 9:28 AM said...

Amen! It's wonderful that all we have to do to feed ourselves the truth is open the Bible!
Blessings in Christ,

{ Cheryl } at: October 11, 2010 at 4:43 PM said...

I liked your insight that the tree of the knowlege of good and evil is the beam that is sticking out of our eye. Eating off that tree, bears bad fruit. Having that beam in our eye of judging others, causes us to become blind, just like would happen in the natural if our eye got had a large beam in it. Good insights.

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