When Kids Question Your Faith

I have seen many books and articles written by well meaning fundamental believers who insist they know why kids question their faith and jump ship once they are old enough to leave the home.

What many have written, has been written while they insist they have the 'Christian' life all figured out and they have the 'right' doctrine.

Yet this phenomena of young people who are leaving Orthodox/Fundamental Christianity aren't the only young people who are leaving the religion their parents raised them in. There are young people from various religious systems who question what they have been taught to believe. So what is this dilemma? How can I make sure my kids aren't in that group of inquisitive young people? What will happen to the next generation if all these young people keep questioning their religion?

Why are kids leaving church? Why are young people getting involved in contrary things when they've raised to 'know better'? Why do so many young people change belief systems? Why are they leaving the traditions their parents have raised them in?

I have personally gone through this kind of inquisition with my own teens. I'm going to begin a series about this very topic and show you the journey we have taken and how it not only allowed my kids to be inquisitive, but our journey has strengthened all of our hearts in Christ and our faith has undertaken a major growth spurt.
Please join me as I share this incredible journey with all of you. You can subscribe to the right in the subscription box and stay tuned. This journey had it's hills and drops on a roller coaster that ended up with a fantastic new beginning of adventure in our walk with our Lord.

I'll tell you this first, you have nothing to fear. Anything of fear is not of faith, even when it's your faith they are questioning.

 Stay tuned for 'The Inquisition' (part 1)
What are they really questioning? (part 2)
Inquiring about the accusations (part 3)
Breaking through the chains (part 4)
Guiding Teens Through Forgiveness (part 5 final)

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