Breaking Through the Chains

Through our journey of The Inquisition, we had many people question us, threaten us, and belittle us for taking this pathway in our lives. We were told that awful things would happen to us if we 'strayed' from the interpretation that the pastor had taught us. Worse yet, we were told super awful things would happen to our kids if we left 'the church'. Talk about fearmongering!

Is that the Christian life of victory Christ told us we have? To live in fear like that? What does that message send to our kids? The next thing I'm usually told is, "you can't just go out and sin and do whatever you want!" Hold on a second there...none of us said anything about wanting to go willfully 'sin'. Maybe they don't realize this, but their actions and words were telling me, "if you don't go to OUR church you and your kids WILL fall to the devil." ok that's enough. So you're telling me that the 'church' is our savior now? Because I thought Jesus is my Savior. And you're telling me that the devil has power to take me out of God's very capable and victorious hands? I don't think so.
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As I was becoming painfully aware at how legalism had trapped my family in bondage, my "mother's instinct" kicked into full gear! I think I had grown ten times my size in my heart and I was foaming at the mouth if anyne tried to manipulate my kids into fear again. I wanted my family to live in victory. We spent many nights a week double checking what 'sound doctrine' really is. God was giving us so much insight to His heart. It has been amazing. As we discovered things, we began slowly sharing with our kids. The light on their faces lit up as they'd say, "I have wondered about that! What about this one?" and they began questioning and we allowed it. With every question they had, we searched scripture together. We were breaking through the chains. We were finding freedom, as a family. We were experiencing grace, as a family.

We were so excited about what we were finding that we began sharing with others. This didn't go over too well with a lot of people. We were called heretics, false prophets, and liars. We were told not to speak to anyone in 'his church'. We got hate mail and eventually cut off completely. People we thought were our friends now acted as if they never knew us. Some actually hide from us. Over time it has lessened, but there's still that awkwardness when we bump into each other at the store.

This inquisitive journey we've all been on has brought us away from fearmongering threats, into a victorious abundant life and our family is thriving with love. Oh sure, we still have our moments. Don't we all? But we know what grace is and that makes all the difference. Next we needed to discuss how we were going to need to let go of the hurt we experienced. How do you come to a place of peace about being held in the bondage of law for so many years? How do you not get angry when you think about the spiritual abuse we went through? How do we guide our kids through healing from the knives protruding out of their backs? That's the next step in our journey...stay 'tuned'.

Sisterlisa is a homeschooling mom of four children and married to an evangelist who travels to bring the gospel to those in need of our Savior. She is the owner of Growing in Grace Magazine and Pix-O-Sphere.
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{ Momwithahook } at: August 10, 2010 at 7:58 PM said...

Wow! <3

{ Cherie } at: August 14, 2010 at 6:20 AM said...

Congratulations on breaking free from what the world has taught, and finding the ultimate freedom in Christ.

I encourage you to find a bible teaching church, that teaches only the scriptures, not man made laws.

Your courage to break free is inspiring.

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