Guiding Teens to Forgive

My two teen daughters have been following my series on The Inquisition and we have been having some healthy, open heart, dialogue about this journey we have all been on together. I asked them for their input with this last article in the series. Their replies were so sweet, yet to the point. I am really amazed at how they were able to share with me their hearts without having animosity towards those who had hurt them. So while I, as a parent, could give you my best recommendation on helping teens through their journey of forgiveness, I'm sharing with you what they have said on their own.

"When I decided to stop pursuing their attention and friendship, I realized they had not ever been pursuing mine. They didn't call. They didn't write. By the time one of them called me it had been three weeks and she had just then noticed that I hadn't been coming to church. It hurt that it took her that long to notice. When you're used to going three times a week and all the extra activities, then you stop attending, well..I thought she would have noticed earlier. But I had to let it go. It still hurts a little from time to time, but I can't let them take my peace."

My other daughter says,

"Ya..the same as that. It really helped a lot to be able to make new friends and get involved with other teens. Spending more time with the family helps too. Building new relationships."

I shared with my daughters that I see friendships as seasons in life. Each season has it's time of change and it's ok to depart and move on in life. Sometimes God opens the door to reconnect later in life. Social networking has been a benefit to our family and a few of their former friends have indeed reconnected through Facebook. Their friendships with them remain online for the time being, simply because their church and school keeps them so busy they don't have time for very much outside of that circle.

But this journey through our walkabout with God has been such an adventure we choose to focus on the beautiful parts of the journey with Him and the other relationships we have been building on. Each new friend has their own journey of inquisition to make with Father and although we would love to share every part of our ourney with everyone we meet, we know that some people aren't ready to have knowledge of some of our journey. But as they open their hearts and begin sharing, we know through discernment, when we can speak up and share how we've been through it too. It's such a blessing to be on this journey with Father.

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Series began here 'When Kids Question Your Faith'

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