He Doesn't Drag You into the City Streets

As I was sitting with some friends around the patio table we were discussing opening our hearts up to God. Some ladies shared their fear of 'allowing' God to really see the deepest parts of who they are. I challenged them a little..when I asked, "Does God not already see the deepest part of who you are?"
I think the most difficult part about facing that truth is that He might reveal all our faults to us and we'll be overwhelmed. Let me share with you something that I believe will bring you to freedom in this area. God is not like the Pharisees who drag you into the city street square to expose you to everyone in town.

God is love and God does not rejoice in the wrong, He rejoices in the truth. {1 Corinthians 13}

For us, the truth is not meaning to expose your faults. Your faults, as facts, are not truth. God is truth. He rejoices when He sees Christ in you. God is not going to give you more than you can handle. So to open our hearts to God does not mean He's going to now dig all your faults out and leave them open face for all, or even you, to witness. He might just ask you to drink more water and rest more. He might just ask you to take notice of an elderly lady that needs a friend. So don't be afraid to really open up your heart to God. God is not so interested in pointing out all your faults as He is interested in pointing out where He sees Christ in you. He wants to encourage you and reveal Christ in you. {Col 1:27}

When we open our hearts up to God, we don't need to fear that he will condemn us. There is no condemnation to those that are in Christ. Jesus said He is in you and you are in Him. He also said He and the Father are one and where does that put you with Father? Father is community. He is Father and Son with the Body of believers..we are Community together in Spirit. God is love. God does not want to hurt you, He loves you and is head over heals in love with you. There are times when Father corrects His children, but we will study that another time. Be willing to allow God to be whole in you, to be community in you. We have no need to fear that God will hurt us. He is not out to hurt us, He just wants to have fellowship with us.
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