Christianized Golden Sacred Cows

 Part 1

*{Disclaimer}This series of articles will take you for quite a ride. You'll be challenged to deeply examine your walk with God. If you want to be sure your Head is really Christ alone, this series is for you. But it is not for the faint-hearted. Your first inclination might be to defend a sacred cow and attack me as a heretic. I assure you..I walk with Christ. Christ alone.

 Exerpt taken from the Valley of the Steeples by Brian Hennessy


" I was visiting the Museum of Natural History in New York City with my family and we found ourselves in the dinosaur exhibit. A tour was being given and the guide was pointing to a massive dinosaur skeleton towering above us. After describing the beast, whose name I've forgotten, the guide mentioned that the skull we were looking at was not the real head. Pointing over to a glass cabinet behind us that contained another skull, she said that was the real head. The mistake had been realized years before, but the curator felt the skeleton was too fragile to attempt putting the right head back on the dinosaur."

The enemy has infiltrated Christianity over the years, slowly and surely. A lot of people do not like when a sacred cow has been tipped because it shows their error. Many Christians have exchanged worshiping Christ for worshiping Christianized Idols. And they don't even realize it. A former Bible College teacher of mine said this..

"The closer a lie is to the truth, the harder it is to discern"

Just as the serpent deceived Eve with twisting God's warning, he also twists Christianity to fool the very elect.

Last night a group was talking about the flesh vs the Spirit and I challenged them with this thought...

"The flesh is not always about drugs and such..but rather it is about self righteousness. You can be smack dab in the middle of Christianity and be so far away from Christ in your self righteousness."

You see the serpent is sly that you won't even know it. And he has done so over many many years..slowly crept in without Christianity realizing it. A stronghold is a state of mind that grips you in your beliefs and twists your heart into idolatry without you even realizing it, because it's laced with Christianeze.

If you are a pastor and want to be sure your church is not in bondage, you will be in for a huge fight, because the serpent does NOT want to lose control. You won't be able to topple sacred cows and not ruffle feathers, in fact you'll be ruffling scales. You would be the center of attack.

Persecution is here folks. In a sophisticated style. It's Christianized.

Total freedom in Christ means that you would be thrust out of the church with a loud bang so the whole town hears about it. You would be called a heretic, a liar, false prophet, Jezebel, etc... This is what the serpent does..he accuses and blows smoke screens..because the nakedness is uncovered and he doesn't use fig leaves anymore. But 'nakedness' is where we are that we can be 100% clothed in Christ.

Even some of the teachers, pastors, prophets etc that seem to be speaking of Christ only, aren't. I'm sorry to say this, but they aren't. We're all susceptible to worshiping a sacred cow.

We are encouraged to be like the double check everything in scripture, but when you do and you reveal what you discover, you're toppling a sacred cow. Interpretations of scripture can become sacred cows. They are considered holy..but they are golden calves. We are to hold fast to sound doctrine and sometimes the seemingly soundest of doctrines, as sound as they might appear can become golden sacred cows. It's when they hold tight to a doctrine over Christ. You might be confused..let me explain the best I can...

Christ alone is not the same as sola scriptura.

(And I'll probably get slammed for that, but that would reveal who worships the Bible over Christ)

There is a lie sweeping over the churches..and it has people trapped in bondage..a stronghold. They have become Bible Deists. They equate the ink on paper 100% with Christ the person.

If your Bible falls out of your car and into a mud puddle, Christ himself is not all wet and's ink on paper.

*If this article, so far, has you angry and ready to toss me to the lions you are probably a Bible Deist. Do you want to hold onto that sacred cow or be free?

You see, you can hold fast to Christ ALONE..still read and study the Bible and NOT be a Bible Deist. BUT there is a fine line..and if you are angry right now wanting to defend the Bible then you my dear friends are in bondage.

God never asked us to worship the scriptures. He never asked us to follow man blindly.

We might think we are following Christ...but if we can't say for absolute certain that 

CHRIST is SUPREME *over* scripture

then there is a problem. 

The scriptures are NOT an authority OVER Christ..Christ is the Authority over scripture.

Not Calvin, Luther, Graham, your pastor, or even the Pope..Christ is.

You can study to show yourself approved, be like the Bereans, hold fast to sound doctrine and still have Christ as your Head., through humility. Be willing to see that you quite possibly could be wrong about the Bible..but hold strong and firm to Christ.

There are more sacred golden Christianized idols...they are mindsets that have millions in the serpent's stronghold...but Christ is our Strong Tower..the righteous run into it and they sare safe.

Calling out a Christianized golden calf is not fun. Persecution comes. So if you begin speaking about're in for a battle.

Those that are in Christ will not be hurt of the second death. If you don't die to self, you will be weeping and gnashing teeth. It's better to be humble than humiliated. Don't be found wearing fig leaves and using smoke screens to cover your nakedness.

{'the second death' can be a sacred cow the way..}

Christ alone..He is Surpeme over everything in Christianity. HE IS SUPREME..HE is our Authority.

  • God says ,"Listen to Him"
  • Jesus' own mother said, "Do what he says"
  • God promised His Spirit would be our Teacher.

Listen..He whispers..the serpent screams at you to attempt to drown out the voice of our Great Shepherd.

Some teachers, pastors, prophets etc..can still be wrong and lead you astray...listen to Christ.

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