God Cares About Dogs and Their Boys

by John Ferrell

Part 2

Schnauzer by eyebright, on Pix-O-SphereMore thoughts came to me as I continued to ponder what happened that day. What if I would have done what was reasonable and not gone out? My mind was telling me that it was not a smart idea to collect cans and to do so would be a waste of time. I stumbled reluctantly into obedience that day and a boy’s life was changed forever. More revelation came as I wondered if not following the Spirit actually causes people to lose faith.

Here’s the rub. When people who claim to be followers of the Living God follow dead logic and reason someone misses a blessing. If this boy had been praying for God to somehow return his dog and no one obeyed the voice of the Spirit, the dog dies and the boy thinks that God doesn’t care about something so trivial as a dog, then the next time he believes God less. Not only would the boy have lost out, but so would I.

This walk that we are on is like a maze. The only way to navigate the maze is to follow the wind. When a wind blows it follows the path of least resistance, as does all of nature. The wind will blow all the way through the beginning and the end of the maze. If we follow logic and what seems reasonable (John 3:8), then we disregard the voice of the Spirit and are now relying on our own understanding which places us in a corner of the maze wondering where we went wrong. The wind sometimes makes it into the corners, but it swirls around and we get confused, making us unstable and double-minded. If it blows past the box that we place ourselves in it creates a vacuum to suck us back into the place of blessing. We often resist this, though, because it means we’re out of control and wrong.

But how can we be wrong when we are doing what the Bible says? The Big message and the Good News of the Bible is that all we need to do is “Love God and love others, because God loved us first.” This is not just doing the right thing for right things’ sake. It is being motivated by compassion for others and no agenda, other than to alleviate a need that they have. Most often we memorize the Bible and act on those scriptures even though it may be the wrong thing for the situation. To follow the Bible is not necessarily avoiding logic. Our interpretation of a certain passage is often skewed because we don’t memorize the context of that passage. E.g. “Faith without works is dead.” - James 2:17. The context of this verse is about the law of love and seeing a person in need, walking away with just a “God bless you,” and not doing anything to alleviate the need. A better thing to do is realize that the same Spirit that spoke through these guys who wrote the Bible, also lives in you and then have the faith that he will not lead you wrong. That is real faith!

People don’t need to be preached at or taught, just loved. I could have gone to that boys’ house and taught him how to make sure his dog didn’t run away (maybe a stronger chain or leave him in the house). Without actually saying it, I have condemned the boy and made myself smarter than him (arrogance). He now resents what I am saying and will try to avoid doing what I told him to prove he’s not stupid and capable of making his own decisions (our arrogance calls that rebellion). He has already learned a lesson from the scenario. All he needs now is someone to love him enough to find and return Charlie.

People just need love. Pure unadulterated LOVE. How do you know how to love a stranger that you have never met? Follow the Spirit. There is an intuition inside of us that we most often override with logic or fear. Maybe logic and fear are related. Logic is control. Intuition is lack of control. Lack of control can create fear. Fear of the unknown. How will that person respond? What will that person think of me? What if I’m wrong? Think of the embarrassment. How will that make them feel? Let me alleviate fear. When you are acting out of genuine love and concern with no hidden agenda, people will appreciate the thought even if it is wrong. They sense genuineness (being genuine is holiness). Maybe that is the purpose. Sometimes we feel like saying something out of compassion and maybe that’s all that needs to happen. Results are out of our hands. Maybe the only thing we need to do is show them someone cares and that they are valuable. Leave the results up to God. The results will take care of themselves when you do what you feel you’re lead to do. Sometimes we will see the results, sometimes we won’t. Again, this is genuine faith in the work of the Holy Spirit.

Part 3
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