God Uses Aluminum Cans?

by John Ferrell

Part 1

boy looking into a tree by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-SphereI am currently unemployed and I’ve been trying to follow the Holy Spirit in regards to my finances on a daily basis, trying to remain flexible. Yesterday I felt that I was supposed to collect aluminum cans, which is kind of a crazy thought because collecting cans usually involves a lot of effort for a little payoff. So I made some phone calls to find out what the going rate was for the cans – 60cents a pound for 50 pounds or more was the best. I decided to go out in the afternoon to do this. So with trash bag in hand I headed into the woods/creek area behind our apartment.

About an hour into this I heard a dog barking. I looked around and found a Schnauzer caught in the trees to my left. He didn’t appear to be a happy camper until he realized that I was going to set him free. He was mangy and skinny, a pitiful sight. Fortunately he had a license tag, so I made a few phone calls with my cell phone and tracked down who the owner was and the phone number. The phone number had been disconnected, but the address was nearby so I proceeded to lead the dog through the mostly dried up creek, which he commenced to drink what was left of the creek.

We continued on until I reached my car, I placed him in the back and drove to the address three blocks away. There was no one home, but the dog found the water fountain in the yard and yes, proceeded to drink some more. While we were waiting the school bus dropped off an early teen boy who jumped off and yelled “Charlie!!” and then he turned to me and said “I’ve been looking for him for a week!!” A WEEK?! The boy said thank you and I said “God bless you!” and we parted ways.

Some things occurred to me. Had that boy been praying for Charlie to be found and had he lost hope? It had been a week. Then I thought “what would have happened to that dog if I would not have gone out to collect cans today?” Then it occurred to me that God cares that much about a dog. How much more does He care about me? Of course, we all know the verses about lilies and sparrows, but sometimes a real-life example drives it home. A reminder to us all.

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