Relevant Evangelism

by Malia Mazon

I read an article about how Nabisco is trying to market the Oreo cookie to a country, who, up until now has been practically a "cookie-less" nation. Originally, the launch of the Oreo failed, which left Nabisco questioning why the #1 seling cookie in the United States didn't sell in China? This question resulted in massive research by the Nabisco company. The president of Nabisco launched a huge marketing campaign, complete with the recruitment of Chinese locals, all in an effort to figure out why the Chinese people didn't like the Oreo cookie.

Once the research was completed, one conclusion remained: cultural difference. The Chinese people were not cookie consumers, rather; they were biscuit consumers. The Oreo was too sweet. Nabisco then reformulated and tried a different marketing campaign for the Oreo. Now, the Oreo is the best-selling "biscuit" in China.

After reading this article, I started thinking about how we present the gospel to an ever-increasingly changing culture. The president of Nabisco realized something that I think the average Christian so often misses: cultural difference. It's not that the Oreo was a failure because Nabisco knew it sold well in other countries. It's how the Oreo was presented. Chinese people are not American people. In the same effect, what's relevant presentation of the Gospel for one group of people, may not be relevant presentation of the Gospel to a different group of people.

Just an observation. :-D

Malia Mazon
Guest Contributor

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