Spiritual Abuse Awareness Month

Out of all the abuse awarenesses there are in the world today, we didn't have one for Spiritual Abuse...until today. I have personally chosen January to be Spiritual Abuse Awareness Month and have listed it in Wikipedia's 'Month Awareness' directory. You can read a brief overview of what Spiritual Abuse is here. And coming soon will be the Wiki page for Spiritual Abuse Awareness Month.

I would imagine there will be conflict and rejection of this kind of awareness, because it will hold the clergy and church members accountable for their behavior. This will not be a popular 'awareness' campaign among some churches, although you would think they would spread the word the most if they truly care for the sheep with genuine love. The internet will probably be the single most effective way to raise awareness for Spiritual Abuse Awareness Month. But here's something I feel is vitally important about raising this awareness... the focus of love and freedom. Our confident individual walk with God in love and freedom is the best way to show our awareness. Perfect love casts out all fear. Exerting our Soul Liberty, walking out our confidence in Christ, will shine so bright that it will expose the abuse for what it is and focus will not be on the abuse, but rather on the healing from the abuse. 

Some people will be concerned that this campaign will put a blemish on 'the church' or on our efforts to reach people with the Love of God. If raising awareness about Spiritual Abuse, hurts a church, it would only be because they are guilty of it and people will flee. GOOD! We don't seem to think there is anything 'wrong' with raising awareness of domestic violence or sexual abuse, because abuse is abuse and should be stopped. Why would we not want to stop spiritual abuse? People tend to trust clergy of various faiths just because they are 'preachers for "God"'. Yet they make mistakes too.

You have heard it said "Those who hurt, hurt others." So LOVE them. But be safe as well. We don't need to put ourselves into positions to be abused and we should be there for others who ARE being abused.  More coming soon.

If you're interested in helping to spread the word, leave me a message or simply save the button (save as) to your computer and add it to your blog.

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