Tower of Babelanity

Genesis 11 shows the account of the Tower of Babel, where the people had all one language and thought they could build a tower up to the heavens. They wanted their names to go all over the earth, they were puffed up with pride. God, in His infinite wisdom, confused their languages so they would be scattered instead of united in their prideful endeavors.

I think of this story often when I see groups of people who proclaim to be more right than others. I think of this story when I read through world history and the formation of the Roman church. The government and religion combined to create a 'tower' of their own, creating a mixture of government and Old Testament Law to control the people. But Christ was sent to level the playing field and here they were rebuilding a temple that God, through Roman Soldiers, destroyed through the destruction in AD 70.

Perhaps the multi-denominations we see today are a result of God scattering what the government church tried to start, just as He did through Genesis 11 with Babel.

Jesus Christ did not come to collaborate with the government to form yet another Pharisaical system to keep control of the people. He came to free them. So what are we seeing today? Has Christianity become the new tower? The Tower of Babelanity?

I read about the disciples in the early church and how joyful they were, even though there was persecution. They were united and free... and this is not what I'm seeing in Christianity today. In many evangelical churches I see a form of control and persecution among people who disagree with the clergy. Spiritual Abuse is on the rise ..among should not be so!

It reminds me of why Martin Luther broke away from the Catholic Church, but still wanted to persecute the Jews. It reminds me of the persecution that John Calvin put Michael Servetus the death...for challenging Calvin's 'doctrines'. Then you can see the AnaBaptists were persecuted, and then they turned around and split into several other denominations as well.

Of all the 'Reformers' through history I found one that intrigued me the most. His name..Roger Williams. Contrary to popular belief, he did not 'found' the first Baptist Church. Upon further study I found that his fellowship wanted to be known as Baptist and it was then that he fled that group..proclaiming 'Soul Liberty!' He believed in acceptance and peacekeeping for all religions and the various denominational churches were not happy with him.

As a Separatist he had concluded that the Church of England was irredeemably corrupt and that one must completely separate from it to establish a new church for the true and pure worship of God. His search for the true church eventually carried him out of Congregationalism, the Baptists, and any visible church. From 1639 forward, he waited for Christ to send a new apostle to reestablish the church, and he saw himself as a "witness" to Christianity until that time came. He believed that soul liberty freedom of conscience, was a gift from God, and that everyone had the natural right to freedom of religion. source

Over the years since the days of the rise of the Roman government church there has been turmoil and persecution on various levels. We now live in America where physical persecution is not tolerated. We have the Constitution to protect us and Roger Williams was one man who insisted the churches and government remain utterly separate for this purpose, protection of soul liberty. Williams had similar views to Calvin and Baptists, but remain separate from them due to his belief in freedom of thought. He was slandered by many churches due to his stand and conviction for his freedom.

Is this not what we see today? Some Fundamental Baptists slander Pentecostals as being devil worshipers. Some Catholics call Baptists children of the devil. Some Evangelicals call Universalists heretics.

When will this Tower of Babelanity cease it's slanderous tongues?

The division, hate, strife, and social persecution among the churhces does not portray the love of Christ among the people. Although Roger Williams had his own beliefs which grew and changed over time, he firmly stood for freedom among believers to follow Christ as God led them. Soul Liberty.

Will the Body of Christ ever accept one another as brethren? The apostle Paul wrote two letters to the church at Corinth. In our modern day evangelical view, we would see that the church at Corinth as in rebellion and disarray. But Paul called them brethren, told them they were dearly beloved by God, and that God's grace was still upon them. Yes, Paul corrected them, but he did not call them heretics, enemies, or persecute them.

We have no need to fear being in unity among the churches when our unity is love for one another. Being in unity does not mean we have to agree on every sacrament, teaching, or practice of all the churches. It means to be in unity of love for one another. We have the freedom to believe as we feel God is leading us. Not as man is dictating to us. We have the freedom to disagree, respectfully. But not to create enemies out of our own brethren.

There are thousands who are leaving the Tower of Babelanity and more as each week goes by. They are not feeling love among all this 'persecution'. They want the freedom to follow the Head, which is Christ. They have the freedom to disagree with the churches, the freedom to question the teachings, and the freedom to leave if they want to. And they should be able to do so without fearing persecution, hate, and withdrawl of love from them.

Roger Williams established Providence, Rhode Island for the people of various religions to come for safety from all persecution. That is why he named it Providence and he felt so strongly about Soul Liberty that he named one of his children, Providence.

So my dear clergy of the churches keep all this in mind when peopel flee your churches because they don't feel free. Keep this in mind as they choose homes, parks, and riversides to gather together. And leave them be. Let them have their freedom and love them. You might call these free thinkers 'of the devil', 'backslidden', or even 'your enemies' but Christ STILL commands that you LOVE them. Not persecute them.
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