While traveling on a recent trip to the opposite end of the country, I found myself exhausted from, what seemed like, endless treks through various airport terminals. I wasn't wearing the best walking shoes at all and I was lugging my laptop in it's case and a rather large tote bag filled with other heavy items. If I was carrying these things from my door to my car it would've been a snap, but over several hours and long walks between airlines, it was overwhelming. I found myself stopping several times to put my bags down and just breathe, leaning against the wall, as other travelers were pulling their perfect little wheeled suitcases with ease. I thought to myself, "It's no wonder they have those. I need them too." There was no way I wanted to attempt carrying my bags like that again.

I lifted up my bags and continued on and as I came into the next long walkway between terminals, I saw a small series of chairs sitting against the wall in this very long walkway. I sighed with relief as I scurried over and plopped myself down. I could feel my feet sigh with relief too. He then spoke to me in His still small voice, 

"Have you seen me yet today?"

As a matter of fact, I hadn't. I was so busy with trying to carry my load from terminal to terminal that all I could think about was how much pain my feet and back were in and how much I just really want to get on the plane and rest. But in my desire to see Him that day, I stood to my feet and looked around me. People were buzzing past me so quick I thought I'd felt a breeze through my hair. I looked at those chairs again. Thankful that they were there.

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Just a little beyond those wonderful chairs was another sight to behold. I giggled within myself as I imagined George Jetson running along one of those with his dog, Astro. I gazed down this long walkway and the 'light at the end of the tunnel' glowed like heaven beckoning my soul. I sighed deeply and thought about how wonderful it will be when we will no longer have feet to get sore. We will no longer have backs that ache. With all the beauty of nerve endings that give us the gift of smell, sight, touch, taste, and day we will be relieved to be in spirit only. Such a breath of fresh air that will be. Then I 'saw' Him. He whispered to me this very simple word... 


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I could continue down this walkway like many others, running along in such a hurry, or I can get on that moving walkway and rest while the walkway got me to the end of the tunnel. I could even walk on the moving walkway and still feel at rest since it would help me get to the end of the tunnel with ease. He reminded me of the famous poem about the footprints in the sand. When there was one set of footprints, it's when He carries us. He put that moving walkway there for me that day. He put it there to help carry me through the long terminal walkway to give my feet and back some rest. 

When I got to the end of the tunnel there was yet another lesson waiting for me. There was one last trek to make before getting to the gate so I could board the plane and catch my flight home to California. He gave me the escalator.

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He saved my legs from feeling the burning muscles I would have endured had I needed to walk a flight of concrete stairs. He spoke to me again, 


To understand rest is difficult for so many. It doesn't mean that we are lazy and do absolutely nothing. I needed to take the step of getting to the moving walkway and the escalator, but once I got there, they helped me along so I could rest.

We live in this earthly life in tangible vessels of flesh, just like our Lord did. We still are required to walk and sometimes run. We are sometimes required to carry heavy loads and busy schedules, but we can rest along the way. Not only do we need to give our bodies physical rest each day, but our souls need rest too. I'm not sure I can accurately describe what it means to rest in Christ while living on this planet. I'm not so sure there is a step by step process on 'how to rest in Christ'. It's a spiritual concept and for had to be Him who 'put' me at rest. It was not something I achieved, it was not religious tradition or ritual that brought me to rest and to understand rest. It was all by Him alone.

Perhaps it's just as simple as asking. But not as if to say 'show me how to rest', or even' Lord, show me a book to teach me what it means to rest'...but rather, 

{Lord, would you please put me at rest?}

Psalm 23
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters.
He restores my soul.
He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

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