Change Leads to Rest

Part 2

Sometimes friends break up, move away, change churches, or experience some other sad departure. All of these changes are normal and to be expected at some point or another. When I was younger I didn’t like change. When a friend moved away, I fought it with all my might. I used up all my strength begging them not to go, or crying through the night after saying goodbye. Ladies, we can’t stop change. We can’t stop the leaves from changing or even falling off the limbs when the Fall winds

There are three phases of change that we all need to be prepared for. First of all, when change begins to appear we experience rejection. We reject the change and refuse to allow it to seize our hearts and emotions. It takes time to flow with the movement of the Fall winds. The next step of change in our hearts is tolerance. We admit the change has occurred, we don’t like it, but we know we can’t stop it. So we tolerate it. A little while later, we come to realize we can’t live with tolerance. Tolerance
does not free us from the pain we feel when change takes place. We must take the last step to freedom by accepting the change.
leaves landscape by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-Sphere
We can help ourselves on the friendship road by realizing that there will be change and we can’t stop it. Enjoy the friendships you make along the way and allow life to move you forward as God’s timing brings those changes. Yes, friends will come and go and that’s a part of life. Enjoy those gifts while you have them and if a departure is necessary, let it be done with grace and love. Send them along with blessings and encouragement. When the Autumn season of friendship makes it final trek, we see a new season appear, the season of rest, Winter. The time of rest.

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