Part 1

Autumn is a season that brings change and each friendship has it’s Autumn. Where there was once a bountiful tree full of vivid green leaves, there now are limbs swaying in the wind with a new variety of vibrant colors. These beautiful colors that God paints on each and every tree throughout the world are what makes life worth gazing at. I love each yellow, gold, red, pink, burgundy and green tree all on their own and in the midst of a gorgeous hillside of splendor. Yet as we travel down the road of life we see different trees and different colors along the way.

Every bend in the road introduces a new breathtaking view. If we lived in a world filled with Evergreen trees, we would never experience the beauty of a Japanese Maple. If every tree was a Japanese Maple, we’d never enjoy the fragrance of the Cherry tree’s blossoms. Each tree on it’s own has a gift that it’s boughs bestow upon us in it’s due season. How dreary this world would be without the Apple tree. Each one is so unique and we can not live with only one, if we could God would
have left out all the many varieties we have today. 
orange leaves by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-Sphere

Just as He has a purpose for every tree on this gift he gave us called Earth, He also has a purpose for each and every friendship he brings along our path to walk with us. Imagine if we decided to stop on the road of life to enjoy just one tree. We would not be able to come in contact with the many other
beautiful trees God has created. I can’t imagine living my whole life and never seeing a Grand Oak tree or a Vermont Maple tree in Autumn. I certainly don’t want to imagine a life where I never got to taste authentic Maple syrup on my pancakes. Stopping along the way, to never continue down the road, limits our exposure to the other gifts God has waiting for us. Each tree has it’s own unique gift to this world, as does each friend. He’ll cross your path with the friend with large leaves to provide shade in the summer, another with fruit to provide nutrition, and sometimes a tree stump to give us a place to rest on a long journey. 

Not one tree is more important than another, each one has it’s time and purpose in our lives. The view along the way is gorgeous. Enjoy the view, but don’t forget there are other beautiful trees waiting to be discovered just around the bend. Keep focused on the road ahead of you, never take your eyes off of Jesus Christ. He is the road we follow and He will give you the trees you
need in this life, at his divine appointed time. Thank Him for each one and yield to Him if or when he decides to move you, or them, along when He so chooses.

Stay tuned for part 2....

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