The Heart Strings of Prayer

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Can prayer be different somehow than just reciting scripture to God to tell Him what we need? Is there a different manner in which to pray than just quoting Psalms or man written prayers? Does it ever seem like your prayers float against the ceiling of your room, never penetrating the Kingdom of God?

Some prayers don't seem to make it past the mighty doors of His throne room. Moments like these seem to yoke me to a ball and chain, sometimes it feels like I've been tossed into the sea and my prayers weigh me down and drowning in sadness seem inevitable.

He tells me that His yoke is light, which makes my imagination soar like a helium balloon dancing on the puffy white clouds in the brilliant blue sky. I close my eyes and listen as He sings His joy into my soul. What's that music I hear? His melody is glorious. His notes give me a breath of fresh air. But my heart feels a sadness and a weight that is difficult to bear.

Then He asks me to make my own melody. I sigh long and slow, not meaning to complain, but my heart is so heavy, how can I make a melody in my heart? He lifts my fingers to the strings and simply says, "Strum".  I strum. I strum the strings of my heart with a sad chord. I stop and sigh a long slow breath with heaviness and a tear streams down my cheek. He whispers gently, "Strum again and follow your heart."

Violins by forhisglory, on Pix-O-SphereI begin to pluck at the strings as my emotions pour into the song, the song from my heart, and the tears flow faster, gliding down my nose, and dropping to my knees. He encourages me, "Keep playing the melody of your heart." My pain and my sorrow pulls at those strings, then strum again, back and forth, the melody takes shape and the notes crescendo. My heart throbs with the hard fast music of my pain. Then I decrescendo to a stillness, a calm, a peace in my soul.

The unspoken words of my painful heart find tranquility in the forgiveness of a broken heart and then the miracle comes. As a royal princess descending from the palace staircase, in all her glorious beauty, Grace enters the ballroom of my heart and soul. Compassion walks across the ballroom floor and reaches out to Grace. Grace and Compassion take hold of each other's hands and begin their dance. My music begins again. My fingertips reach out to the heart strings of those I love, those that had broken my heart and I strum. They begin their dance steps across my heart and I sigh that long deep breath into the chords.

Slowly I strum and glide my fingertips across the strings as my heart cries out to my loves. My dear ones who are broken as well. These hearts that have misunderstood, who cry out in anguish over deceptions that plague us and cause rifts in the fellowship. He silences me and says, "Feel their hearts, sense the reverberations of their pain." The tears roll down again. 

{Pat, pat, pat, splash.}

The puddles of tears are overflowing. He catches them in His bottle. My tears, their tears, these tears are precious to Him. He lifts my fingers to the strings again and says, "Play our melody."

Grace and Compassion consummate their relationship and conception begins. The majestic beauty of Agape begins to form again, a new heart beats within my soul. My heart crescendos, I feel the reverberation of Agape on the strings of our hearts as the gentle nudge of a baby's foot in the womb does. I strum. I strum their heart strings in prayer. 

He lives in them as well as in me. His Spirit within me speaks to His Spirit within them. The heart beats of Agape nudges their heart's womb. They feel something. He says, "Don't stop..keep playing" Agape is nearer than I can imagine, nearer than any of us realize. The pains of birth are coming, they cry...their breathing is heavy..their tears flow. 

{It hurts so}

Deep down inside, it hurts...He whispers to them, "Rest, breathe, trust." He embraces them, He holds them closer. My plucking of the strings plays harder with each measure, louder the notes cry out! Their hearts burst, their tears flow, and they drop to their knees before our King. 

The music played deep into my prayers has brought them back to life, as Life is birthed in them. Agape appears in all His glory. They weep. They hold that new born life and embrace the miracle. The miracle of reconciliation, the life that was needed by all of us. 

Can prayer be like this? Can it make a difference? I cry. The sobs pour out of me and I hear a knock at the door. I rise to my knees and pat my tears from my eyes. I open the door and there they are. We embrace over long tight hugs and streams of tears. The Heart Strings of Prayer. 

{Yes, prayer can be different}

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