Recently I have given a lot more time to some other passions in my life, like family and this blog and my Facebook conversations have slowed down a little. In a life as a wife, a mom, a homeschool mom at that, and a CEO of a new online business, shifting of priorities has it's proper place in our lives. Finding balance isn't always easy and having to decide which area should be put on the back burner for a week or so is not as easy as it may seem to others.

But this has been a good thing since my Master has reminded me of a basic life principle that is truth for anyone. We are always in need of teaching, of receiving, of having some quiet still time to reflect. In order for us to give away what flows from our hearts, our hearts need to be refilled again and again.
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I know that my Lord is always filled within me, but as a human vessel I need to listen more than speak. There was a time when I thought I had a pretty good amount of knowledge about photography, until I went to a class. Then I walked away challenged. Challenged because I really didn't know as much as I thought I did. Then the desire to learn more came upon me. I think we're the same way when it comes to writing about spiritual matters. Our gracious King has placed other men and women in my life through which He feeds me and gives me drink. I enjoy 'sitting at their feet' (or rather, their blogs and Facebook notes) to glean what King Jesus has given to them and I pick up the morsels from below their feasting tables and savor every flavor and nutrient they provide.

These wonderful portions have been growing within my heart and soul and when they have formed a more full lesson within for myself, then I can come and share them with you. But for now may I share with you some of my recent feasting tables? The reflection I'm seeing in their lives is that of Christ our Messiah. Such brilliant close to the original image..the image of Christ. Because Christ is within.
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{Colossians 1:27 Christ in you, the hope of glory.}

When you're called into The Insignificant Significant by Ann Voskamp (A Holy Experience)
Learning to Breathe by Emily Freeman (Chatting at the Sky)
A Broken Hallelujah by Hillary McFarland (Quivering Daughters)
Battlefield of Grace by Serena Woods (Grace is for Sinners)
To Be Like Christ by Bob Greaves (The Unconventional Pastor)

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