There's No Comparison

There's this illness that seems to be plaguing women in Christianity and I wonder sometimes if it affects women of various other faiths too. Your heart starts to beat hard, you might break out in hot flashes, anxiety becomes overwhelming, then under the weight of it all, you either lash out or crash hard.


Why do we struggle so much with comparison? It was just a couple of weeks ago that Ann Voskamp spoke so beautifully about how we blog for the audience of One, yet in just a short time later, the comparison bug infects us again and again. But it doesn't just happen in the blogosphere, it's happening in the churches and it causes strife between friends and sometimes relatives too.

It's that pesky tree again. That glamorous looking fruit that seems right in our own eyes. It just takes one bite and we become hypnotized again... by the lie that is laced in it's flesh. We think we can rightly judge right from wrong, good from bad, and then attempt to live up to those decietful expectations that our flesh wants to live up to.

Why aren't we fully satisfied in Christ? Why does this fruit hold so much power over us? It's not even real fruit, it's like styrofoam dipped in poison and coated in sugar. Empty. Meaningless. But for some reason we keep thinking we can find satisfaction in living up to who someone else is. Why do we want to be like those women?

We're unhappy with ourselves.

Maybe we just really don't understand who we are in Christ.

You see, because of Christ, we are new creatures. And it wasn't because we fancied ourselves wise enough to choose Christ. It's because He chose us. He first chose us. Yes, we responded to Him when God revealed His Son in us, as He did with Paul. But let's leave that out of the equation so we can be sure to make this all about Him and not about us.

He chose us before we responded to Him. That's pretty special! We didn't have to get new clothes, a bigger house, clean our closets out, or put on acrylic nails and highlights in our hair. He chose us before all that. If He was willing to choose us first, then that DOES make us special. But it has nothing to do with us, it has everything to do with Him. It has to do with Grace.

Maybe we need a big fat dose of humility to show us where grace is.

Grace is where you wake up in the morning with bad breath, messy bed hair, and wrinkled pajamas.
Grace is when you live in a small apartment with milk crates and plywood for coffee tables and leftover popcorn for breakfast.
Grace is knocking at your door with the glass slipper for YOUR foot.

You see, Grace doesn't care about what we look like, how we dress or what kind of furniture we have. Grace will arrive dressed as you are dressed so you feel at home with Him. Grace will pray over your popcorn breakfast and feast with you in gratefulness. Grace gives you the glass slipper even if you stay in your wrinkled pajamas all day long.

Be cautious about your words and your heart. There is no need to apologize for your milk crate tables or the leftover popcorn. It is He who gave those things to you. He doesn't want you to become like Lady Stepford Wife. He doesn't expect you to have a home like Mrs. Pastor's Wife. He isn't even hoping your blog will be like the one Ms. Barbie Blogger has. He loves you as you are. His beautiful bride.

I was pondering these things lately and realizing how we may be truly missing out on what grace really is and maybe it's because we miss the fact that Grace is a person named Christ. He resides in us. He took up His home within you and me. He lays His head where you lay your head. And He's perfectly happy with your pillow, your blanket, and your milk crate tables. It's you that He enjoys and He enjoys us all so much more than we can even fathom. Just ask Him to reveal that to you.

So when it comes to those other women out there, just remember...

{There is no comparison}

Ephesians 1:4
Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes.

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