Lifting Up 2010

Yesterday I began sharing about the friends God crossed my paths with in 2010 and I have a few more to share with you today. But please go back and read the message from yesterday to see why I am doing this. Today I want to lift up some of my Facebook friends.

Steve McVey who blogs at Grace Walk Ministries. This last year has been such a terrific adventure watching him share his journey on Facebook. He has a series on YouTube and a specific series called 101 Lies Told Every Sunday. He challenges us to take a deeper look at tell tale key phrases that teach lies in the name of God. His journey has inspired me in my own walkabout with God.

Pamela Donnan from RevoAtTheWell. Her expression of being a woman at the well has provoked my thoughts to lean deeper into grace as she walks us through the footsteps and shoes of a modern 'Samaritan'. She pours out her heart for the 'unloveable' and 'rejects' of society and shows us how much Christ loves and embraces those very people. So why aren't more Christians loving and embracing them if Jesus is? Check out her journey.

Elizabeth Kingery at Unravel the Matter. Elizabeth has been one of those friends that has been so courageous to seek out what doctrines are questionable and is a powerful study partner. I have sought out her assistance many times to dissect through the man made religious doctrines that cause most Atheists to reject Christianity altogether. Through her studies I have grown wiser in understanding these hard questions and it has deepened by faith in Christ. The very questions that many Christians might say leads to atheism, has actually built my faith in Christ much stronger. I am thankful for Elizabeth's boldness in researching these matters. Her blog is for those who are mature in their faith.

John Lynch of TrueFaced. John has YouTube videos as well and the first one I watched deeply moved me, Grace. Every fiber of my soul soaks up every word he breathes through his videos. He brings me comfort and healing and is so full of encouragement. I pray his gifts will bless you as well. Go check out his videos.

Bob Greaves The Unconventional Pastor. The title of his blog is precisely the description I would give Bob. He functions as a pastor in an unconventional way. He has a vast amount of knowledge of the early church and historical significance of the epistles written by the apostles. His views challenge mainstream Christianity, but he remains firm on Christ. His studies have challenged me time and time again. At first glance at his blog you might reject him totally since he questions some 'doctrines' held by a lot of Christian sects, but if you are mature in the faith and have Christ as your anchor, you'll be able to read what he has to say and may come to glean from his perspective and appreciate his courage to reveal truth.

More to come soon.

*While I may or may not agree with my friends 100% theologically, I have come to appreciate their maturity in Christ and love them for who they are rather than for being in agreement on 'doctrine'.

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