Spiritual Abuse Awareness

After two years of rediscovering who I am in Christ, God has crossed my path with several others who suffered from spiritual abuse. We have discussed in depth over these two years, the negative effects of spiritual abuse and the characteristics of it. We found that spiritual abuse is not isolated to any one specific denomination, as a matter of fact, we saw it throughout many world religions.
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We have declared January, Spiritual Abuse Awareness Month. Many of us are writings article of our journey to freedom and will be posting them at the blog Spiritual Abuse Awareness.

We do not want to use this blog as a place to be negative or hurtful to others. We want it to be factual and testimonial. We want to raise awareness, offer resources, and encourage others who have felt battered, shunned, and unloved by abusive religion.

If you have been on a journey to freedom and would like to contribute your testimony to the blog to help others heal, contact me at sisterlisa {at} spiritualabuseawareness.com

If you are still suffering, there is hope. There is support. You're not alone.

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